a poem about pain

1. pain

I used to stop and look around

I used to listen to every sound

I used to look deeply at whatever I behold

I thought I’d keep doing it even when I get old

But then things changed and my heart became cold

My soft brittle heart turned so bold

I used to gaze at the sky wherever I was

And not just walk away ,not just pass

I used to stare at the dazzling green grass

What happened to me is something I’ll probably never know

It’s like undergoing a few changes In a row

The sky is the same so is the sun

But that can’t be applied to everyone

People change with every breath they Take

People aren’t the same after their first heart break

Turning from ignorance to wide awake

we try not to get hurt but it's all in vain

because you can't just  avoid pain

Pain doesn’t change you,it reveals you

it affects you deeply

and brings out the real you

That’s the thing about pain

It demands to be felt

It sticks to you like a stain

And makes your heart melt

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