Love Forever

Ashley is this ordinary girl who ends up going to London for college and there she meets the unexpected... Her favorite boy band One Direction.... Will her feelings for one of them become not than just a fantasy. Will their one year anniversary be the best first Valentines... Will her bad boy be able to show his romantic side....... Read to find out..... This is my entry for the 1SHOT41D competition! Please like fav and comment!!!!! Love you guys loads.....


1. Love Forever

Well, who would have thought that it has been one year already! Early this day last year I was just a freshman at college who just overdo London.. But now I am like Zayn Malik's girlfriend.. Who would have thought...?

Now here I am sitting in this lovely restaurant in my most beautiful red silk dress and black high heels waiting for my "always" lat boyfriend to come. I was drifting in my thoughts when I heard a limousine pull over and out he came. Looking hot as ever black tux and hair combed back in this sexy way and of course at last clean shave.

"hey beautiful" he came over and pressed his lips over mine, "looking beautiful as usual".

"you don't bad either" , I joked and hugged him tightly. As we settled down the waiter came over with the menus. " what would you like to drink madam", the waiter asked. "champagne will be fine," I replied kindly.

"I'll have the same," Zayn called out. I couldn't help but giggle.

We had a 7 course meal and it was fabulous.. And it was a bit cheesy but Zayn and I kept on feeding each other and being all gooey and romantic. It was like the best date ever.. Who would have thought that a loner like me would have ended up being in a relationship with the Zayn Malik... Girls back home must be cr..... "babe are you having fun?" Zayn broke through my thoughts.

"of course I am and I am with you aren't I. I never thought you'd have time to go out for V day cause you guys are going on tour to the US", my voice faded....

"don't worry babe I am always back with him and you will be safe in my arms again", he gestured dramatically. I hit him for being such a cheese.

After dinner we spoke about everything that had happened in the last few months and had a bit of a laugh.. "are you ready for the next event", Zayn asked

Shock as I was, I asked "what next event I thought it was just dinner". Zayn laughed "do you think that after seeing you after such a long time that I would let you go that soon."

I was so happy that I was gonna spend more than just a few hours with him so leant over the table and kissed him softly. Feeling his lips on mine after such a long time was absolutely the best feeling ever.

He came over and pulled the chair and gestured me to take his hand, so I did. We walked long the street, and then he stopped me, "okay I want you to close your eyes" he said holding me.

"close my eyes? Why?" I questioned. "it's a surprise please babe. I would hurt you or anything I just wanna surprise you" he pleaded

"okay fine." I giggled. He blindfolded me, held me close and lead to wherever he wanted me to go. I felt do safe in his arms and I wanted it to be like this forever.

Zayn's P.O.V

Oh god! I hope she likes my surprise for her. I planned this really well and I don't want anything ruining this. Its gonna be the best night that she's ever gonna have.

I know that I havent been there for her but I here now and I never want to let her go. She will forever and always be mine. I love her.

Ash's P.O.V

I felt us get in the car and the driver drove us quite fast and within minutes we stopped and Zayn took my hand and got me out of the car and then we started walking. He removed my blindfold and saw that the flight runway was lit beautifully with thousands and thousands of candles and bouquets of roses were lined up along them.

A red carpet rolled out in front us and Zayn just pick me up like he was carrying his bride and took to along the carpet and in front of us was a private jet. "tell me where your taking me baby please," I pleaded. But to late he blindfolded me again and led me straight to the plane. I felt us lift off and go.

Again a few minutes later he took off my blindfold. The jet was decorated so romantically. Candles, slow music, a waiter with our favorite bottle of wine. "I love you baby," Zayn whispered to my as he leant over. I couldnt help but start tearing I was just so happy. "I can't believe you did this all for me," I told him as I walked over to sit on his lap. I caressed his hair, his beautiful hair and kiss him gently. My lips just couldn't resist his. It was way to tempting.

An hour later we had arrived to where ever he had brought me to. "the night is still ours and it's still ours", Zayn said as he pulled me up. We got off the jet and OMG we were in Paris. Paris!!!!!
I was in shock. I wasn't able to breath. He had brought metro Paris for Valentines day.

A carriage ride was waiting for us. The chauffeur helped us get in. My first time in Paris is I'm valentines dy with my love. I couldn't believe it. I thought I was dreaming. We held hands and I be toy kept my head on his shoulder and we rode through street, the breeze was so cold. Zayn removed his jacket and wrapped it around me. "why are you doing all this for me?", I asked. "I wanted to because I am in love with you." he said as he kissed me.

We got off near the Eiffel Tower and we held hands and walked to the back of it. Where there was a picnic basket layer perfectly down on a red cloth and bouquet of roses in a vase. "now what this?" I questioned. He hesitated, "we are gonna listen to some music and enjoy our little picnic".
"what music?" with that question a lovely tittle acoustic band pooped out of nowhere and started playing.
It was so romantic. We ate and watched the stars. And as we laid there we just stared I to each other's eyes and dreamt. I love him and I never wanna lose him. We kissed until we just lost breath. Kissing under the Eiffel Tower was it more romantic than that..... Then Zayn just got up and whispered to the band and they just nodded and then he picked me up and started dancing with me. It was slow and calm and just wonderful. He never dances with me but I am as surprised as ever. Then after the nice slow dance Zayn started singing, "your hand fits in mine like its made just for me. But bear this in my it was meant to be........"

When I song ended I was pouring in tears. I got up and just hugged him and couldn't help but kiss him and kiss him and kiss him.

We staying for a bit longer and then left and we walked to this lonely place. I seemed like stadium but it was an enclosed place. Someone onned the lights and it was a theatre a ballet theatre. I had no idea what we were doing there. We walked over to the seats and there was the light in front of us. Just as I was about to ask him what was going on a movie started to play. The Titanic. The all time best love story. We just hugged each other the whole night and enjoyed the movie so much.

Then as the movie ended he said "baby I love you and I want us to be together forever. I know that we have been together for only one year but I need you in my life. Will you Ashley Benson marry me and be mine forever," with that he got on his knees and pulled out a ring box with a big diamond ring inside it.

I was speechless, we only knew each other for a year and he wants to marry me. I anyway dreamt of marrying him since day one so I didn't hesitate, "yes of course I will" I jumped onto him and wrapped my self around him as I passionately kissed him.

Well that was a tiring day but also the most romantic one I ever had in my entire life, well afte rmeeting him of course and now I am the Mrs Malik. He carried me out of the theatre and got inside the car. We went to the best hotel in Paris. The Hotel Du Lourve.

He carried me upto to our room and gently laid me down on the bed. I knew where this was going and I knew I was ready. He looked at me questioningly and I nodded to show him I am ready. He got on the bed and gently caressed my hair back. I wrapped my hand around his neck and started kissing him softly.

He moved down to my neck and kissed me and slowly started unzipping my dress. As he did so he moved his hand down my body. A moan escaped my mouth. I got on top of him as my clothes were removed and started kissing his chest as I removed his shirt and then a few minutes later and seducing each other.

He did it. I couldn't help but moan. "it's gonna hurt a bit", he warned me, "but I'll make sure you enjoy it" he whispered. I moaned louder and louder as he went thrusting faster and faster. I loved the feeling of him on top of me. It continued for a while, we both were moaning as we kissed. It became intended, we were sweating and it was amazing. When it ended, we were bothboutnof breath, panting on each other. "I love you and I never wanna lose you my baby" he said as he kissed my forehead. "you know I love you too babe," I said as couldn't resist his I kissed him softly and passionately.

We fell asleep in each others arms, wrapped in the sheets. I woke up in morning and wanted to replay that day again.
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