Where were you?

I originally posted this on facebook on my page: The Cute Lil page, but my freind has pursuaded me to post it on Movellas


1. The Parade


I span around and saw Cato running towards me. I smiled, not the fake smile that I had been putting on scince we got to the Capitol, but the real smile that had won me fame back in District 2. Everyone in the District had seen it at one time or another. Cato pulled me into a hug and kissed my forhead. The elaborate hairstyle my stylist had piled on my head threatened to fall down, but it didn't. Cato held me at arms length and smiled. I looked up at him and started laughing. He smirked but then started laughing too. He brought me back into the hug and I sighed into his chest. I was so annoyed when our mentor told us that we were to act as enimies until almost the end of the games. He told us that once Cato was recieving loads of parachutes we could become firm allies but until then we were not even to look at each other.

"Clove darling, you were magnificent. And Cato, we'll have no trouble finding you sponsers." Our mentor came up behind us, flanked by our stylists. "Now go and get changed, We'll be watching the parade in 20 minutes. Cato grabbed my hand and we ran to our rooms. We stopped outside my room and Cato dropped my hand. "See you later Clovey" he said as he kissed my forhead again. He turned and ran, just as my lips moved to form the words "I love you......."


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