To Me You Are

To me you are everything. Everything I ever wanted or needed. More to me then life .

3I mi piace

1. To Me You Are

To me you are the sun to my shine

You are a mystery to me

One I want to know more about

You are more to me then anything


You make my life complete

I am made whole

You always know what to say

Always by my side


I could never forget you

Even if I tried

Your my ship that sails the seas

My blanket that warms me at night


Your my everything

Now and forever

I will hold you close to me

Never let you go


I will stand with you

Be all I can be

Treasure you and cherish you

Give you my heart


Let you carry it with you

No matter where you are

I will love you till I die

But then you will still be mine


To me you are like

The stars in the night

The moon that guides me

The sun that shines for me


You are to me everything

No matter how far or near

Your by my side

I won't lose you


To anyone

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