Life As We Know It!!

It's the basic things in life that everyone usually faces. Sometimes everyone are lucky, unfortunate or it's just their destiny... Fav, like and comment please!


1. Life As We Know It

Life as we know it
It isn't a pleasant thing
Sometimes it bring darkness or even sunshine
Or glory or even pain

Life as we know it
Has a certain path for us to follow
And also in that paths it,
Teaches us the wonders of it

Life as we know for newborns
Is diapers full of poop and late night of crying
Bottles of milk and tons of visitors
And all they can understand are the faces of their parents

Life as we know for children
Is about exploring the world
Learning what's right and wrong
And making themselves ready for the future

Life as we know it for teenagers
It takes them on a journey,
That can either ruin or make their life
It makes them into who they are

Life as we know it for young adults
Is about making choices
Bad choices lead to a bad life, and vice versa
Its a chance to make your mistakes and make them right

Life as we know it for adults
Is about starting a new life with their lover
They start off with puppy love and they turn it into something special
They become one in the name of matrimony

Life as we know for pregnant women
Is about 9 months of suffering and pain
Morning sick and back ache
But inside they feel joy to what is about to come out them

Life as we know for working men
Is long hours of hard work
They do this to provide for their family
They do everything in this world to make it what it is

Life as we know it for old people
Is waiting till their children come to visit them
And a bag full of sickness that makes them suffer
But as their time to depart is close at hand
they have they people who are most important to them near

Life as we know it for rich people
Is they enjoy themselves to the fullest
They are care free and hold late night parties and dinners
And little do they know of how poor people suffer

Life as we know it for poor people
Is working late as maid or in the government
Or sometimes even begging on the street,
As they watch the rich people laugh and dance

Life as we know it
Isn't always a pleasant thing
As now you know how different people live
Try and make the best of what you got but
Don't be fool as i have shown you what's what

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