Sequel to unfixable,
After all that's happened, Kate still feels like something's missing. She has her husband, Harry, her son, will, and sons father/ex husband, Niall, in her life but she wants more. She decides to take a break, have fun, and be a teenager. But will her plans turn out right? Will she ever be happy? Or will stress and sadness take over her life?


1. The problem

The problem was huge, I couldn't tell anyone. As I stared down at the test that determined my future, I realized I had to except it. I did what I did and I would make the best of it. I looked at the pregnancy test. Postive. "SHIT!" I yelled. There was a knocking at the door then.. "You okay, babe?" Harry asked from the other side. He couldn't know, I couldn't tell him, not yet. " nothing.. I stubbed my toe.. I'll be right out." I stared at the test again. I was pregnant.. Again... With someone's baby...
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