16 year old Kate is in a relationship with the Harry Styles. She's so happy until she finds out she's pregnant.... And Harry's not the father. Harry still wants to be with her and raise the baby, but she falls for someone else... Someone unexpected... Can you fix the unfixable?


1. The beginning

At the beginning of the summer I thought this would be the worse summer yet. That was until my best friend, Talia, went to spend the summer in England. We arrived in Cheshire a week after school ended. It was beautiful and I never wanted to leave. We decided to roam the streets and just explore. We went into a little bakery for dinner. When we entered there wasn't many people, but there was excitement in the air. After we placed our order, we turned to go to the restroom and standing right in front of me was the most beautiful boy with sparkling emerald eyes. Sure enough I made a fool of myself in the presences of Harry Styles, by tripping over my own foot. But before I face planted into the ground, he caught me. " Be more careful Beautiful." He said making sure I was alright. "Thanks, I will" I replied smiling. "Mind if I join you and your friend? Oh by the way, I'm Harry and you are?" He asked politely. "I'm Kate and this is Talia." "Pleasure to meet you both." He said smiling. "Pleased to meet you too, and we would love for you to join us." That's all it took for ,e to fall head over heels in love with Harry Styles.
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