The Little Mute Girl

Button is a 17 year old , physically and mentally abused, mute teenager. At the age of 10 Button saw her parents murdered in front of her eyes and now she lives in a orphanage in England. That's not all , even though she's been through alot she gets bullied by 5 different bus every day . That's correct , she get bullied physically and verbally by the one and only : Harry styles , Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. What will happen to Button when her life actually starts to get even worse ? Will she end it all or continual living on this horrible world ? -On Direction is not famouse in this fan fic - :) Enjoy


1. Chapter 1: fuck my life .

Buttons POV:
I woke up in the same place I slept in , the basement of the orphanage. Before you ask , yes I do live in an orphanage . I lived here since I was 10 since no family member would take me in.
I looked around the basement floor looking for the key to unlock my bedroom door. Yes my bedroom is in the basement but its not like you care do you ? It's not like you care that the kid I roommate with in the orphanage rapes me every night either..... But what ever.
I quickly found the key and opened my door to find a hammered Todd - my rapest/ roommate- asleep with my bra next to him , pervert .. I went inside my drawer and took out clothes for the day . A black batman t-shirt with skinnys and a striped sweater..
I ran into my bathroom and took a quick shower and put on my undergarments. I looked in the mirror to see Snow White pale skin with bruises all over . I wish I could remove the bruises and scars but I know only more will appear since I cut and Todd will only hurt me even more . I swiftly put on my clothes and a pair of beat up black converse and moved back to the mirror to do my hair . I left my baby blue hair - yes baby blue hair- straightened and went to my make up bag. I covered my face with powder to see if I can cover the bruise on my face , made by the one an only Todd -.- since it got covered I went on to my very blue almost clear eyes . I never understood why they were that color but my mother always said it was because I was special. Special? Special my ass ._. . Anyway , I but on top eyeliner and a coat of mascara . Happy with the way I looked I quickly grabbed my Call of Duty designed bookbag and heade off to school.

**At School**
I went to my locker to see no other than the disgusting smirk on the face of Harry Styles , one of my bully's. I tried to ignore him mean while I took my books out but that did nothing but make him come towards me. Fuck my life.
Harry: Ello slut, gonna tal anytime soon ?
Oh and did I forget to tell you I'm mute ? Well I'm the mute girl.
I said nothing while he pulled my sweater towards him.
Harry: Come on mute freak talk to daddy !
I still said nothing . Harry got tired of me not talking and threw me on the ground . Me being already use to this I got up and went to close y locker. Harry dust have it today so threw me on the floor again and and called his followers : Liam Payne , Louis Tomlinson , Zayn Malik and Niall Horan , over to beat me up. Nothing I wasn't use to. Actually I've been so use to it that now every time they're near I feel numb. They gathered around me and started kicking me and throwing punches. I lay there in the floor felling numb but then quickly I started to feel pain and I say a fit infront of my face and the last thing I saw before blacking out was that red color I was so glad to see : blood .
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