Chapter 1 The surprise

Hollywood Heights


1. The surprise

Loren and Eddie were in the car coming from Rumor they had an amazing night and it was only about to  going to get better. They ran into an unexpected guest at rumor named………..LILY PARK. She kept trying to fish for stories but couldn’t really break them. She almost ruined Eddies surprise for Loren. Eddie and Loren had just arrived back at Eddie’s penthouse and had walked in to head up stairs.

Eddie- Hey Babe I have a surprise waiting for you upstairs.

Loren- OKAY, Loren said nervously she didn’t really like surprises and Eddie knew that a long time ago.

Eddie- Come on, he grabbed Loren’s hand and walked into the penthouse lobby.

They walked over to the elevator holding hands when they noticed a familiar face. It was Jeffery smiling at them and waving. They quickly hit the elevator button and waved and smiled back at Jeffery. Once the elevator opened Eddie grabbed Loren’s hand and pulled her into the elevator. Eddie noticed Loren had a nervous look on her face.

Eddie- So are you excited for you surprise awaiting you?

Loren- I’m not really sure but I trust you and love you so yeah I guess I am a little excited Mr.Durran

Eddie- Come Here! With that Eddie pulled Loren in to give her a warm soft passionate kiss. It seemed like the whole world had frozen around them. Until they heard the elevators ding and noticed the door had opened. Eddie grabbed Loren’s hand once again and walked over to the door. Once they arrived at the door they smiled at each other and opened the door. Loren was so amazed at what she saw in his penthouse and it was all for her.


Loren - W-What’s all this? She said kind of speechless. She was so happy it was rose peddles leading all the way to the bedroom, the lights were dim, candles were lit, and on the floor was “Loren Tate I love you will you do me the honor of being my wife Mrs.Durran?” spelled out and rose peddles. Eddie got on one knee instantly and grabbed Loren’s hand and pulled out a small black box. When he opened it inside was a diamond ring with two smaller stones surrounding it on the side of it was a small music note. This ring was nothing like Chloe’s that’s why both Eddie and Loren loved it.

Eddie- Since the day I met you Loren I knew you were special, the first time I laid eyes on you I knew I loved you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Every time we are apart my heart feels like half of it is missing. I want to spend the rest of my life with you Loren and I need to know will you do the honor of becoming my wife?

Loren- “smiling” You don’t know how happy I am right now to hear you say that ………… Eddie I love you with every bone in my body of course I will be your wife.

That was all Eddie needed to hear he instantly put the ring on her finger with her smiling and almost crying tears of joy. Eddie picked her up and took her into the bedroom. She started kissing him while he was walking backwards by the bed. Once they got to the bed Eddie put her down onto the bed and hopped on top of her. This was going to be a night they never forgot. Better yet this was a night for them to remember!!!

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