Newsagent Girl (One Direction FanFiction)

*FINISHED* Avery Blue is just a normal 18 year old. She has a average job. Newsagent Girl. Lives on her own. Goes to school. But this average 18 year old is hiding a big secret. No one knows. No one ever will. What if a certain worldwide known boyband named... One Direction come along? Will the truth behind her last name be revealed? Zayn. He's now head over heels for Avery but she just rejects. What is the reason behind this? Find out 'coz the book is better than the blurb...


1. Another Day at work...

Avery's POV.


"AVERY BLUE!!!" Mr Edwards, my boss yelled, storming my way. Okay, so I was late. Second time in a week. JUST TWO TIMES. CAN THIS GUY NOT LET IT GO? Ugh. I hate my boss. Making me work every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. But, I need the money. I groaned silently.

"HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO BE LATE?!" He snapped. His blue eyes darkened in fury. Shit. He was reaallll angry.

"Sorry sir. Won't happen again. Promise." I said in a quiet voice. He still heard me.

"I hope it won't," he grumbled, walking away. I hurried off upstairs. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but the newsagent I work in, has a house ontop. No one lives there. It's just a place were the workers hang out on breaks. Ugh. Saturday morning. I dragged my feet up the stairs, along with my bag. Dropping the bag in the bathroom, I changed into the usual. Shorts and a compulsury white shirt. I tucked the shirt in, slipping into my black converse.

"Avery!" A familiar voice called, as I ran down the stairs. I went to the living room and there stood Evie, looking gorgeus as always.

"Hey Evie! Gotta go! Text me though. See ya at break!" I called, running back to the shop. She yelled a 'bye' just as I bumped into Kyle. He looked me up and down. I stood as the perv checked me out.

"Ugh! Move Kyle!" I huffed, shoving him out of the way.

"You'll be all over me one day Blue!" He yelled. I ran, grabbing the news papers. Yelling a bye to Mr Edwards, I jogged down the road. My legs ached from running up and down and all about. Right. Okay let me get this sorted out. The Daily Mail, Argus, Telegraph and... The Sun go to that famous people hotel. Wait. The Sun? No one orders a Sun from there. Must be a new celebrity I guess.

I shrugged it off. I sorted the news papers out and entered the celebrity hotel. It wasn't called that. It was called the 'Seaspray Hotel'. Made sense since it was near the seafront. My shoulder colided with a person's arm as I walked in. I fell to the ground with a 'thump'.

"Oh my god. I'm so so so so Sorry."  A british, male voice spoke. I couldn't see the guy's face because his hoodie was low on his face. He leant me a hand. I refused by getting up myself. Dusting my ass, I walked away from the stranger. Who the heck did he think he was?! You don't just go 'round making people fall! I may sound harsh but c'mon! It's 11am. This is the time I wake up in mornings. I'm not a morning person.

Unfortunatly, the boy caught up to me.

"What?" I hiss at him.

"Not a morning person I guess." He laughed. "Me niether. My friends woke me up at seven. Can you believe that. I mean, at least let a guy sleep. I work twenty-four seven!" He started a rant about 'letting a guy have peace and alone time', I stopped dead in my tracks. Him following me. He stopped talking and turned his head to look at me.

"Look. Whatever your name is. I'm here to do a job. Not to listen to your rants. So... just go find another girl to bore to death and piss off. Kay? Good." I walked away without a bye. Looking back, I saw him watching after me. I couldn't see his eyes, but I could see his smile. Rolling my eyes, I jogged over to the desk, noticing that Ruby was there.

"Hey Avery! Late today?" She asked, giving me a grin.

"How'd you know?" I asked curiously.

"The papers are usualy here at eleven. It's eleven thirty." She explained.

"Yeah. Late morning." I say, handing her the news papers. She checked each of them, mumbling room numbers. She rung a bell. No one came. Again. No one. Again. No one. She huffed.

"Avery? Mind doing me a biiiggggg favour?" She asked. Oh god.










I decided to do this one when I was working with my dad. i HOPE YOU LIKED IT! Next chapter will be up shortly. Oh and... I know the front cover is rubbish but I'll change it sooooonnn.


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