Poetry Compendium



1. Sucker

From limbo you bring me,
A sign of the better days to come,
Blue balls, red mop, bay flecks, white teeth,
I sure could use some.

Sucummbed to you as a leech,
Sucking your at your ankles, the moist and wet drip,
The Saliva of a beast, blood thick and dense as a peach,
Bring it close to your mouth young child, impinge on its soft flesh and sip.

My purpulish eyes linger wide for only you,
Black orifices, immortal and shrewd,
My gabbling mind intact and true,
My soul a jigsaw of all loss and feelings so crude.

Strum my fingers with your delicate pastry,
Harness wrought iron bars around the pulsing pacifier in a replacement cage,
I am nothing that you can't make me,
Pass you your change, supplying me my wage.






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