Alpha and Omega

Omega's mother died when she was five years old, leaving her daughter to be put in an adoption home. Now Omega has returned to her birth town to finish high school, little does she know her destiny is waiting for her there, and that it just might kill her.


1. Home town


Omega's P.O.V

The breeze carried the scent of freshly cut grass over to me, I inhaled at the familiar scent though I hadn't smelt it in fourteen years. Where I had been living with my adoption parents the last few years there was nothing to cut the grass with so I had been deprived of the wondrous smell. For the last fourteen years I have been growing up in Paris, France. I was adopted and moved there when my mom died when I was five, now I'm back in Texas in a small town just outside of Denver. There is mainly desert around except the road that leads to real civilisation. I came back here because at eighteen I wanted to finish high school in my home town and whilst Paris was great I felt like something was missing. The breeze that afforded me a smell of the sweet scent of cut grass brushed my blond wavy locks over my shoulder, I glanced around again and sighed. The view from on top of this hill was truly amazing; I could see all of my home town and just beyond the borders. It isn't like this is a really big town or anything, actually it was more like one of the villages you got if you drove three miles outside of  Paris. As I gazed at the home I hadn't seen for years my heart broke a little, my mom had died by murder here when I was five, after that they took me away and I never saw this place again until now. Tomorrow I would start the high school in town centre, that idea didn't sit well with me at all but I had to finish and I was glad I could finish here. A small tear escaped my eye, I wanted to have my mom see me finish high school, but that wasn't possible no matter how much I dreamed it was. With one more look at my small town I headed towards home. 

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