A pencil

First movella on the new account so gonna develop this loads as promised.
Lol... donno what to put here. Just read. :)


1. The journey

Sophie tapped the pencil slowly against the side of the wall, rubbing it obsessively afterwards as not to harm it. Then Ally came from a room and smiled, eagerly at Sophie.

'We have got you a place at St Claire's boarding school, they let students go home at the holidays but a few stay because they are like you. Anyway. We need to go now.' Ally smiled, grabbing Sophie's arm gently and whisking her along the corridors. Ally was carrying a bag. Once she got to a car which Sophie had seen many of but never been in before, she stopped and gave Sophie the bag.

'This has school uniform, holiday clothing, essentials and some things for entertainment. I also have a few toffees in there you might like.' Ally gave a wink to Sophie and strapped her securely in the car.

'Wow.' Sophie smiled. 'The world is flying past.' She exclaimed, happily, pushing her hands against the window.

The car came to a halt and Sophie stopped suddenly. 'The world is still now.' She beamed excessively. Ally pushed her out of the car and put her arm around her and soon enough they were standing opposite a building.

A strange woman was coming towards her. Ally was going.

'Don't go!' Sophie cried, tears starting to form.

'Don't worry! You'll be safe!' 

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