The Dance Academy

15 year old Samantha Collins has dreamed that one day she would get to audition for the Academy of Dance in New York City for her entire life. When that opportunity comes she doesn't waste it. She packs up her bags and leaves her small hometown of Milton Massachusetts. This was a dream come true for Samantha right? Wrong. Nothing is going the way she planed from the mean girls, to the boys. She even starts to doubt if she truly belongs. Will she be able to over come that to do what she loves or will she crack under all the pressure?


1. Welcome to the academy


Samantha's P.O.V

"Ok mom I'll be fine I promise." i reassured my mom for the 50th time that me going to new york city without her was going to be perfectly fine. The reason why I was going to New York was to make everything that i have been working for since I was four years old. come true. Today was the day that I was going to audition for the dance academy.

"I know sam but your only 15 are you sure you can go alone?" she asked me raising her eyebrow.

"Mom i'll be fine. i'm going to be staying in the dorm for a week and then i'll be back home safe and sound, i promise." i told her. she gave me a weak smile and gave me hug.

"Ok hunny. i want you to try your best i mean this school isn't the only dance school. Aren't there any schools in massachusetts?" 

"Mom we live in milton probably the smallest town in massachuestts and besides this is the best dance school in america!" she let out a sigh.

"Ok okay i get it this is where you want to go. Im not stopping you. Listen to me when i say this though you are going to do great and they are going to let you in okay." she said her voice becoming a little stern. I nodded my head.

"Thanks mom ok i have to go now. Im going to miss my flight."

"Alright i love you so very much. Good luck." she said giving me one last hug. when we pulled away from the hug i turned around and walked to my gate. 



When my plane landed i walked down the grab my bag. i walked around the airport for a little bit until i saw a group of 'people around two men. One was holding a sign that said 'DANCE ACADEMY' and the other had a list of some sort.

"Guess thats me." i said to myself walking over to the group.

"Are you Samantha Collins?" the man with the sign asked me.

"Y-yes." i stuttered.

"Well its about time you are the last person to arrive." the other man said taking a pencil from behind his ear and crossing what im guessing was my name off of the list. 

"Alright everyone lets go. This is your audition time your wasting." the man said leading us out of the airport and outside where there were 5 cars waiting for us.

"Everyone get into a car chop chop." he said clapping his hands together before getting into a car himself. I got into the second car which only had about 8 other people in it. i sat in a seat quietly while all the others chatted among themselves. 

Finally after a long drive we arrived at the academy. The door to the car opened and everyone filed out. We all stood at the front of the school in awe when a slim lady whos hair was pulled back into a tight neat bun came out of the school.

"ladies and gentleman, I am your principal Mrs.Smith. I am here to tell you that throughout this entire week we will under go the most challenging classes to help you prepare yourself for what life is like here. If you dont think you are going to be able to handle 14 hours a day of practices then I suggest you get back in that car and go back home." everyone looked around but stayed in their spots.

"Well then welcome to the academy."

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