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A novel about a species of woman created to destroy called the flames that have been since the beginning of time . When Nina is marked she knows she is destined to an immortal life filled only with anger and bitter pleasure but when she receives a calling from the phoenix: an order to destroy a young blonde haired champion. She begins to feel human again. Can you fall in love without a heart?

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1. Prologue

Flames licked his body, casting ghostly flickers of shadows upon his fathomless black eyes.They held me still with more force than the iron talons, that curled round my bleeding arms. His eyes pierced into the depths of my soul, and stopped the quickened beating of my heart completely, making each of my pitiful ,shallow breathes catch in my  throat. The crackling fire, that surrounded the creatures broad chest and wings caressed my seared cheeks, as a cat would tease its pray. The only coolness I felt was the icy tears that slid down my charcoaled face, timidly awaiting their own fiery death. Fear held me still, my eyes never leaving the fiery depths of which were his. 

In that moment I knew I was going to die a beautiful death. I embraced the heat, anger, passion and bitter sweet love with no chance of redemption. Knowing I was becoming one of them, the ones I had always secretly envied... The flames, a tribe of  female immortals that won all conflicts that existed out side their elite clan, only falling in numbers when rivalry's emerged, for unknown reasons, with in their own community. They exuded confidence and deadly beauty in an aura so strong, people fell to their knees just seeing them... before dying a fiery death that took so many lives, every night. A constant threat for my tribe. They lived lives with no fear, sadness or regret only hunger. Equally gorgeous and terrifying they were a beautiful abomination... the phoenix had marked me.

I grew up in a world wretched with fear where numerous brutal murders took place around the world occurring closer and closer to home before rearing away. The flames never came too close to their origins as it brought back memories of there humanity, they were soulless creatures but I never saw them on the dusty plains or dense forest of Africa so accepted there existence without fear. Even then I was brave, untamed by the curse of fear... I am glad for that. Every hundred years or so a mighty bird selected a female from a tribe nestled into the depths of Africa and marked them as a flame, Neighbours accusing glances turned into deadly assumptions and left me alone and bitter. My family turned against me so I ran.... they thought I was cursed. They were right.

The night I was reborn as one of them was the night I wreaked havoc on their village, power surged through my limbs and they stared at me in awe, I was beautiful, vengeful and empowered, I shall never the forget the night my mother died. Her mouth screaming and crying for the deaths of my brothers and sisters, " I always favoured you as I child, but you were evil, a curse on my FAMILY"Her final word was screamed with the true strength of a warrior princess and shook me to the core as I pierced her heart with my nails and twisted. A singular tear timidly sliding down her face reflected my own face, twisted in despair and emotional agony. As that tear fell and died in the roaring flames of my anger so did my humanity.

Ever since my days have been laced with fire, My mouth ached just thinking of the kill. but where ever I go I am hunted day and night. I refused to take my place in the flames tribe and therefore there hierarchy. The thought of being given orders from higher ranks made me grind my teeth, I shall not be contained! I was either with or against them and I had opposed them so they were well and truly pissed. The old hags never gave up, for that I admired them. Even now I yearned for bloodied war against them even so deeply outnumbered in sheer size and power... but my lust for freedom was stronger. 

This was my life now, I obey and control fire. Marked by the phoenix for life. But like a dying flame feeling incomplete, I long for the excitement of change something to spur the life in my soul again other than the regular routine of intense pleasure I received from killing. I was a flame eternally controlled by the laws of nature. I never tired of feeding off souls or of running from my death but even I could not deny the boundaries of earth. and I really fucking hate boundaries.

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