Paper boy

Sophie is the rich girl, posh house private school. Brad is the poor boy, who delivers papers to help provide extra money for his family. What happens when there paths cross?


1. Holiday Time!

"5…4…3…2…1…SCHOOLS OUT!" The class shouted, well, everyone except for me. The room became full of excited chatter as other students picked up their bags and made a run for it. Me? I stayed slumped in my desk, pouting at the clock. It was like this every holiday, I'm last out and proud. "Come onnnn Soph!" My best friend Steph shouted at me, pulling on the back of the chair in an attempt to make me get up. "Fine," I muttered, and I got up and slung my bag on my shoulder. It was Gucci, but to be honest I couldn't care less. So what if it was over a thousand pounds? It's a bag for crying out loud, it's gonna get broken; especially when I'm the owner!
I was interupted from my thoughts by Steph's excited chatter. "Oh my God Sophie you will never guess what I'm doing this holiday!" She squealed. I love Steph to bits, but sometimes she just really gets on my nerves, being excitable and everything. Deep down though I know I'm jealous - she has a loving family, a cute boyfriend and she is amazingly beautiful. The opposite of me.
"I know Steph, you're going to Barbados, visiting your cousins in America and then going to a concert in L.A." I reply, giving her a sad smile.
"Oh," she says, looking at me guiltily. "I didn't realise I talked about it so much, oh Soph, I'm so sorry. I know what things are like at your house"
I turn round and give Steph a big hug. "Seriously Steph, don't worry about it. If I was doing amazing things like you I would be the same! In fact if I was travelling like you I would talk so much you would have to sellotape my mouth shut!" I said before bursting out laughing. Steph joined me in my laughing fit and we were in giggles right up until the gates. Our limos were waiting, meaning it was time to say our goodbyes. "Bye bye Sophie, I'm gonna miss you so much!" Steph said to me, while pulling me into an embrace. "Same! Bye bye Stephie bear!" I replied. The driver on her limo honked his horn, so our goodbye was cut short. Just before she got into the limo she turned round. "You never know Sophie," she shouted, "this could be your summer of lurve! TEXT ME!" with that she got into the limo and sped away. I waved at the car disappearing round a bend, before getting into mine. I took one last look at the Ellington Academy for Young Ladies before starting the long drive back to the house. Home is where the heart is, and my heart definitely isn't in my house.
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