Letter to GOD

Its actually an earnest prayer written out of despair.


1. Letter to GOD


Dear God,


I see you in no form, no shape or color

I want you to give us a chance another.


Though all my days are as bright as sunlight

But I look into my eyes I can see no light


My heart has no pain, no joy, no fear

I’m done losing hope, shedding tear


Oh Lord,


You can make us work this time or never

As you have a choice to be there forever


Don’t judge me for what I’ve done in the past

Just know what I am at this moment will last


You walk by my side and I will make sure

My heart will not yearn for nothing, no more


Show me your love, just tell me you care

Whenever I’ll run out of hope you’ll share


If I have your consent on my sincere plea

I shall know the truth that will set me free


I’ll wait for your answer till the end of this plight

If this finds you well we can still make this right



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