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Just really amazing people I looove sooo much!1

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    Official Updating Schedule for MarcelLover26: Monday - Finally Falling Tuesday - NO STORY UPDATES Wednesday - NO STORY UPDATES (unless I decide to publish a new story in the future) Thursday - Silent...   
    My babycakes!!!!
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    Forever Michael's Kitten ❝I won't apologise for being different❞   
    This girl... Like omg i can't describe her awesomeness
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    Orange Beanie
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    I Put The 'Pro' in Procrastination.   
    My beanie baby!!!
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    frog meme T.K
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    11:11 ur sweet ass i like memes and anime abby succs   
    Her tho... Like you don't know how amazing she is...
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    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! My name is Arabella but people call me Bellabear (: I'm from live in Las Vegas, Nevada but I was born in Ventura, California. I have seven sisters and three brothers: Abree, Damania,...   
    My wifey to be <3

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