Selfie One Shot Writing Competition!

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Selfie One Shot Writing Competition!


Share the story behind the picture! 

What is the story behind your best selfie? 



Selfies has become a big and important part of our digital social media life, and often leads to discussions about how we present ourselves online. The selfie is not a modern phenomenon, it has existed just as long as the camera itself, but today we have a name for the "self portrait", and most of us have probably tried to take a selfie together with friends, family or maybe a famous person we met on the street! When it comes to selfies (almost) everything is allowed! 


But selfies are not just selfies, and as we know, pictures say more than 1000 words. We are kind of curious here on Movellas, and would love to see your most memorable/funny/crazy/weird selfie, and not at least, know the story behind it. So look through your camera roll, let's get them selfies out in the light, and tell us all about the moment you tookt the selfie, who you were with and why this was a special moment for you! 


About the Competition 

Share your most memorable selfie and write the story behind it in a one shot! It can be sad, funny, weird - whatever you think - as long as you have a story behind it to share.

Tell us why this selfie is special and what you felt in the moment you took it! You have until the 8th of January to send us your entries, so good luck and have fun!


The Prizes 


1st Place will go to the best selfie. The prize is a $30 gift card to itunes.


2nd Place will go to the runner-up of the best selfie. The prize is a $25 gift card to itunes.


3rd Place will go to the best cover. The prize is also a $25 gift card to itunes.



Note: all images used for competitions need to be CC0. Read more on that here.



No word limit 

Open globally

No co-author entries


The Competition closes on the 8th January, 2016


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