M Factor: Write Your Dream

di , venerdì ottobre 5, 2012
M Factor: Write Your Dream

It is time for the X Factor live shows here in the UK - 2 years ago they brought you One Direction, last year Little Mix, now it is time to start writing about your new favourites, but with a slightly different twist.  Movellas brings you the M-Factor!


What are your story lines?

1) "What happened in the house, stays in the house."

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and let your creative juices flow. A week at a judge's house in Miami, Dublin, Spain or Los Angeles? Who is your judge? Who are you sharing the house with? A week of nerves and singing or a week of partying and crazy antics? You decide!

2) "The thirteenth finalist"

You are brought in as a surprise finalist for the 2012 show. How do the other contestants respond? Do they resent you or take you under their wing? How many weeks will you survive? How well can you adjust to being in the spotlight?

3) "Your best friend"

One of your best friends is a finalist in this year’s competition and you get to live the celebrity lifestyle for a few months! Attending all the rehersals, shows and (more importantly!) parties!


What next?


It is all about being creative now. Start writing your tale in any way you want - any length, any format, any characters. All you have to do is enter it into this competition (the big green button in the corner of the screen) and start watching the likes, reads and favourites increase.


It might help if you told everyone in the world about your entry though! A shortlist will be drawn up on the same day of the final of X Factor, just in time for Christmas, and then winners will be decided by our judging panel. 


What do I win?


First place will receive a twenty pound iTunes voucher, second and third place will receive three books each. 


Any restrictions? 






Start writing!


One More Thing?


Yes.  One lucky writer will be chosen by Movellas for a very special prize.  More details to come on this, but expect it to be awesome, and I mean awesome!



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