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Marvel has ruined me last night. i watched Infinity War last night and i can't get over the saddest scenes. i just layed down on my bed and tryed not to cry. almost unsucess full. but the funniest thing was that Bruce tried to get Hulk out.

Bruce: come on Hulk, what are ya doin?*starts to slap himself* come on man


Bruce: *seizure and falls against tree* What do you mean no?

what else was funny that Peter Quill called Peter Parker a clown. was he refering to the old Pennywise with another pop culture reference or was it just a taunt? Peter P used alot of pop culture references in the movie to help against Thanos. Dance off is not one of the ways to defeat Thanos, Quill, sorry.

which brings me to the question most Marvel fans are asking: how will Thanos be defeated in Infinity War Part II? a few have made suggestions but none are really heplful

#1: found this in Pinterest.

how will Thanos be defeated in Infinity War 2? Dance off(Quill), Shocking divice(thor), Bargaining(Doctor Strange) or instant kill mode(spidey)

#2 found this on google images

how will Thanos be defeated in Infinity War 2? Dance off, bro!( Quill), I've come to bargain( Doctor Strange), Language (Captain America) or Instant Kill Mode (Spidey)

what do you think? how will Thanos be deafeted? i think Instant Kill Mode will go in as the top.

and who do you think will die in Infinity War? Tony almost died in that movie and he has survived 8 things, like a cat has 9 lives. will he die or live? hard to say because he is like a cat on his 8th life. Steve might, hard to say.

Keep guessing you Marvel fans! and don't destroy another movie, Marvel!

Oh before i go, i want to make your life brighter and leave a few videos for you people

just to brighten your lives.

your welcome

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