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Prologue Mara's POV

I feel the shove of hands knocking me off balance. I curse. Well this wasn't going how I planned. My fangs pierce the skin of the girl and I hear her gasp. Her blood flows into my mouth and I have to admit she is very tasty for a mutant human wolf. It's very sweet yet there's this tang to it you can distinctly taste. Very unique.


I'm ripped of the girl my fangs ripping out from her neck. I sigh in dissapointment. She was the best meal I've had in a while. Pain rpis like a razor through my neck and my whole body collapses. Great. Damn wolf broke my neck. That will take at least a month to heal enough for me to move again. My body slumps to the ground and I would flinch if I could. My eyes are thankfully open so I can see everything that happens.


The pathetic mutt grabs the girl and hugs her. I know instantly what she means to him. I can't help the giddy feeling that goes through me. They have no clue what they are in for. Vampire bites are extremely rare and powerful. Well if the intent is to turn the human we bite. Usually it doesn't affect them at all.


When my species intends a bite to turn it takes a bond to the human and forces that human to do what we ask even if they want to or not. Of course there have been some cases where the bond was broken but it has only happened a couple times. Even the mark of a wolf can't stop the bond between a youngling and a Vampire. Younglings have to depend upon the Vampire who created them until there first fangs pop from there mouth with takes at least a decade. Some have matured faster but most of the time it takes a decade.


 I watch as they pick up the girl and quickly run to a room. I know they are trying to stop my venom. Thing is. Nothing can stop it. You have to be in immediate action as soon as the venom hits the blood stream. It spreads fast making it hard for anyone to stop the turn from happening. 


Quite simple really. Of course I was a youngly a couple decades ago. A foolish little yougling too. The man who turned me took something with him that has kept me with him. My heart. I know it sounds crazy to the ears but I love that man. He might not love me in return like I want but i have strong feelings for him I never thought I would. 


After a while the boy who deceived me. I really though that they were going to help. I'll never be that foolish again. I will get my revenge on him as well. No one tortures Mara Thornheart and get's away with it. He grabs my body and starts dragging me out the door. 


I hurts a lot. If I could scream I probably would. At least it's nothing compared to what the mutant human wolf will go through. I remeber that pain. It was the worst pain ever. The need to scream but not able to make a sound. When you wake up no one can hear you. Not even you. The thirst and craving for blood that can't be satisfied by water or anything but blood. The water giving you speech but not enought to be truly understood. Wondering what's wrong with you and only figuring out in the presence of blood. The reaction when you realise you've been turned into a monster. 


At least those are first thoughts. For me I realized the gift I had been given. I don't age. All I have to do is drink bood from humans. In doing so giving me a pleasurable feeling beyond words everytime I drink. The unimaginable speed you can run. It feel like freedom. 


I feel myself get tossed into the lake. Yay. Now when I can move again I'm going to be coughing up shit loads of water. Whelp. Just another thing to use to get revenge. Another flame to add to the fire of the already flaming pile of hatred towards mutts. The lot of them. They are a nasty species and will be eliminated. Vampires will rule the world!



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