Our Winners of The Netflix Competition!


Your screenplays have been read and judged in this themed competition - now we're ready to announce the winners...



This competition was all about your favorite Netflix series. Thrilling screenplays have been written on tons of topics - from anime, super villians, Jessica Jones, and hell-bent demons - to entirely new series written on everything from science fiction to imaginary friends :-) In addition to formulating entries in the form of a screenplay, those movellians who entered this competition worked hard writing on the themes and twisted plots they'd like to see airing on Netflix so we're proud to present the best entries we've read.  


Winners will receive iTunes or Amazon giftcards to purchase a prize of their choosing. We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - a big thank you to everyone who took part in it - your entries were a mix of pure genius and serious screenplay-writing skills! 



1st Place

A Study in Villainy by RT Cipher




2nd Place

Jessica Jones - AKA the fan-made Season 2 by Megites Nightshade




3rd Place

Under the Waterfall by Mayor Moth




One worthy mention we'd like to note in this competition would be another great screenplay written about the city of Krastly...


Sinner by WinterSoldier





All winners will be contacted by email. 

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