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  • ZombsLovelyHorror
    Omg!!! I absolutely love your writing!!! This story is so awesome I'm in love with it!! Its one of the best werewolf stories i have read in awhile!! Can't wait for the next update!!! Also good luck with your school stuff I know how it can be :) !!!
    The White Wolf
    The White Wolf
    From abused to trained, what will happen when Evie clashes with her father's pack years after finally escaping the torment of her hated childhood? - Nami2013
    Thanks heaps, this really lifted my mood today, its my last day of term and i should be able to get at least one update done in these holidays. As i have said before and will continue to do so, it means a lot to me to hear this feedback so please keep it coming. :) Its comments like yours that keep me writing the story with such enthusiasm!!
    Thanks again ZombsLovelyHorror
  • ZombsLovelyHorror
    It sucks that your taking it down!! But I can completely understand why you are. I just wanted to say that I have loved this story so much!! I also wanted to ask if you have any plans for this story in the future cause I would love to read this with an ending :)! But I wish you good luck and hope to see some more stories from you in the future!!
    In November
    In November
    It was in November that I met him...sitting on the bridge that hovered over the stream, surrounded by trees. I didn't know the effect that the blue eyed boy would later have on my life. I didn't know that...
    5 years ago
    I hope you have read the recent update, and would love to thank you. So thank you. Haha :) :D
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