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Um...Hi again! :D

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    mumbled "Important."

    Sooooo.... how has everyone been since I've left.
    I have been talking to my friend and they have given me a sort of reality check, and I can't just leave you guys. So here I am. :)
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    mumbled "Goodbye."

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    Look guys.
    I am leaving movellas because I just don't have time anymore.
    It's not because I don't enjoy movellas It's just I'm way to busy I don't ever feel like writing I don't even think I like writing anymore, this was more of a phase.
    Leaving without saying goodbye is just...not right so I'm just going to at least tell you why I'm leaving, you guys at least deserve that.
    Thank you to all of my fans and all of my friends - you know who you are -
    @[A Child of the Madness] Thank you for stopping me last time I was going to leave but now I just need to.
    now if you will excuse me.

    ~Zebracorn :)
    5 years ago
    I know her E - mail, We were close friends.
    5 years ago
    @[A Child of the Madness] do you want her E-mail?
    A Child of the Madness
    If you wouldn't mind. :)
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    AWEEEEEEE. Luv it
    Let it Go And Go To Beauxbatons
    Let it Go And Go...
    Now that Elsa has escaped from Hogwarts to go to Beauxbatons Draco is heartbroken, and Anna is going to team up to retrieve her sister. But will Elsa make new love at Beauxbatons and not leave?
  • Zebracorn
    Sorry for such a short chapter! I didn't know what to write but I felt like you guys had a long enough wait.
    Mr. and Mrs. Frost
    Mr. and Mrs. Frost
    In the story Jack Frost And Elsa from frozen are MARRIED! (IKR!) They are also secret agents that take down people who try to do stuff... bad stuff they also use there powers but what happens when Elsa's...
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