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Hi! I'm Ywanie and I've been writing pretty much every day since April 30th 2008, the day I uploaded a story online for the first time.

I love metaphors, angsty feelings and anything dark and painful. I used to write for the reactions and my only goal was to make people cry. Now I mostly write to release some of the creativity building up and taking up space in my mind.

I am known for being an artistic soul and always seeing things from a different angle. Oh, and I love to disagree!

  • Frostbite (16+)
    Frostbite (16+)
    por Ywanie
  • Ywanie
    6 years agoRespuesta
    These are pretty good. Sometimes I don't quite get the rhythm, and other times it feels a bit sloppy, but I love your style. :)
    Little Words and quotes
    Little Words and...
    I am currently in a creative writing group and i thought i might as well show you some of the poems i have written. Hope you enjoy :)
  • Ywanie
    6 years agoRespuesta
    This is an interesting one, for sure! :) It's racing a bit fast forward for my taste, and being in tears over someone she hasn't spoken to in seven years is maybe a bit too much, but I still like the idea, and can see it turn out okay. :)
    Seeing You (16+)
    Seeing You (16+)
    Lucy Kate is a 20 year old girl that went back to her home town for college after moving away at age 14 when her dad had to move the family to a different state for his job. Her former best friend that...
    well I made her cry for a reason unknown right now. You won't find out till later the book. And I made it race in the beginning because I am just way to exited. Lol! Thanks for the feedback. And that thanks for reading. Also please read my other movellas
    Love you lovely! xx~Katelyn
  • Ywanie
    6 years agoRespuesta
    I like your concept, I really do! But I felt it was a bit Twilight in the beginning (New to the school + the staring part), and I sometimes felt like I missed something between the chapters, but I couldn't find out what, so it became a bit unorganized.

    A pet peeve of mine is also the huge difference between chapter length, but that might as well be me being silly. :P
    On the run
    On the run
    Quercia has to move to Australia after her dad is made redundant. She thinks her life is really plain until she meets Fuoco and Sirena. This suddenly throws her into a time of secrecy and magic... Includes...
    6 years ago
    Thanks for your feedback. When I've finished I'll look over it again and maybe add some more info to explain things better. I'll also see if I can make the really short paragraphs longer. I did notice that! Thanks again. :)
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