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not dead

  •  River_Summers ☕️
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    I'm still not entirely convinced you're not the reincarnation of Jane Austen/some other indescribably phenomenal writer. XD But seriously, this is beyond amazing. <3
    Fault and Blame
    Fault and Blame
    I’m an honest man, never hurt anybody. I pay my bills, I feed my cat, and I don’t stick my nose into other people’s business. None of it was my fault and neither is this.
    5 years ago
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    Thank you so much! <3 (Coming from you, the reincarnation of [major goddess of writing XD], this is seriously high praise :D)
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    mumbled ""Is that a raisin up there?" "I do believe it's a date." "So there's a date up there?" "Yep." "So like...update?" "Yep.""

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    Well what would you know, I stayed up until one in the morning writing about vaguely homoerotic obsession once again:
    Sensual Evil{For the cult option of the 'Dark Light' competition.} Narcissism – self-absorbed tendencies that are linked to two other characteristics – Machiavellianis...
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    Aahhaha date up there update ahhaha you are hilarious HILARIOUS!
    Chrissy Sky
    4 years ago
    7 months...
    I'm sorry for stalking my real life friend
    I do it all the time at school
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