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  • Whatharrysaid
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    Funny how everyone's immediate defense is that they were joking. Honestly, guys, jokes are funny. If you come to a Harry Styles page to make a "joke" that demeans the fans who do you think is going to be laughing? Nice try. Next time, when you want to be witty, please do it on your own private messages to each other. There are more people on movellas than just you and your friends. And no, this isn't me be personally attacked or overly sensitive, this is me trying to tell you that this is a community page and that making supposed comments that are jokes (that in no way sound like jokes) and then saying that we're reading too much into it is pretty rude.
  • Whatharrysaid
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    Kind of sad to see that after all this time users and ambassadors are still unkind about the whole One Direction/Harry Styles Fanfic thing, especially after Movellas has done such a good job diversifying the ranges of fanfics, and competitions. Let us have one, jeez. To each his own and all that cliche stuff, no one comments snarky remarks when we see Marvel/Harry Potter/Etc Competitions or fanfics. Not trying to start a row, but honestly, when you see an ambassador or well known member putting down a genre or other movellians simply because of their taste in writing or music it makes people not want to participate or be on this website anymore.
    Oh Hipsta Please
    2 years ago
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    Completely and totally agreed.
    2 years ago
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    Hi. I'm a fellow ambassador but most importantly a fellow movellas user. I think it's great to have competitions about one direction/Harry Styles fan fic. Since I have read many amazing One direction based or about them stories which are amazing. Also, I love one direction, love listening to their music and love them. So I think as a movellas community we need to accept all fandoms, accept everyone interests and passion. Just because some users don't like one direction doesn't mean they any right to be rude to any member who loves one direction. As a movellas community, we are a diverse community and we should love each other, and accept what they like and love.
    Leah Meah
    2 years ago
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