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Sweet William & the vet.

por , jueves enero 11, 2018
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I'm sitting around in my PJ's today after a rather unpleasant Christmas. There wasn't much else left to go wrong. Except this morning. My little ratto, my chunky little chocolate thief, my mischievous vodka pilferer went to the vets to check out his chest, we suspected he may have a chest infection. 

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  • J. Jensen

    mumbled "Cooking at this time."

    Whenever I do normal people things like cooking. It's never at normal people times. I always choose to do my most complex things in the small hours and then wonder why I cannot concentrate on being constructive during normal hours. What a silly catch 22.
  • J. Jensen

    mumbled "Co written by a rat."

    I've tried to write the next part of the only thing I have on here but the laptop has been such a meany. it blue screened 3 times in one hour-essentially costing me an entire page of writing (so much for auto-save!)...yikes. But all is well right now because one of our collection of ratto's is trying his hand at writing. He's sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear, telling me in his own ratty way- what to write. Sweet William is the best co-author ^_^
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