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welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the cringy side of Movellas.

That's me. ((:

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  • fonzarella

    uno y uno ( that 1x1)

    @[Morgan M.H.C]
    7 hours ago
    He nods, "Christian is sick, I guess."

    V gives it to Christian the correct way and rocks him. "Thank you.."
    Morgan M.C.H
    4 hours ago
    She nods. “Well let’s get ready for bed...” she says before dropping the towel and bending down to grab a T-shirt from her suitcase.

    “No problem baby”
    3 hours ago
    He smiled and tapped her butt softly.

    She eventually gets Christian to fall asleep and puts him in his crib. V walks back to where Niall is.
  • fonzarella
    im not gonna lie, i miss our old friendship. sure were both older and have way more cooler things to do, but its good to go back into the past right?

    anyways, i hope this gets to you and that we can rekindle our friendship and maybe even rp a little idk.

    Forever your friend,
    (ps. i have some like drama to tell you lmao)
  • fonzarella

    Anyone wanna 1x1?

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this website and I thought, let’s make a rp.

    Anyone can join but I prefer for 1x1

    Ask to join, pls and thanks :))
    c h e r r y
    1 years ago
    here's my characters-

    name- Andi
    gender- F

    classes(in order)- Advanced Art, Math, Drama aid (helps out in the drama class at that hour), physical ED, science, history, english, advanced art
    extra- does mostly graffiti art, pansexual

    Name- Daniel
    age- 18
    gender- M

    Classes- Math, History, track, office aid, English, Science, track, office aid
    extra- Exchange student from Korea
    1 years ago
    Name: James
    Age: 18
    Gender: M

    Classes: Advanced art, english , math, physical Ed, History, Science, Band, Advanced art
    Extra: bisexual *shrug*

    Name: Melanie
    Age: 17
    Gender: F

    Classes: math, science, graphic arts, office aid, english, history, choir, office aid
    Extra: is anorexic (Sorry if that’s a touchy subject for you..)
    c h e r r y
    1 years ago
    dont worry its not. Do you wanna start?
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