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  • Twinkie216

    Korean Music

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    I am a huge fan of K-pop, but is there more than that? Is there something, music wise, that I'm missing out on? I love the kinda more famous artists, so I kinda wanna know if anyone knows of any undiscovered artists to look into. :)
    Georgia W
    4 years ago
    Here's the link for Target

    This is a dance cover of BTS Bulletproof and they've done others like Big Bang and Vixx. They haven't debuted yet as far as I can see and I don't know when they will. Also have you seen Seventeen? I think they're management is Pledis
  • Twinkie216

    mumbled "Driving And Crashing"

    I got my permit last week or so, and so today I ran into something. I refuse to take ALL of the blame for it! Every time someone yells at me I get nervous, right? So I was driving and I was doing sooo good! But when I was pulling into the drive way I was all like, "Watch this," and I pulled into my dad's side of the drive way, to make a funny. So it's going good, and then suddenly my mother yells at me to stop. Scared and caught off guard I tried to slam on the break and slammed on the gas instead and ran into our basketball hoop that was laying in the grass. Of course there was no damage, but my mother was furious, and I was mad at her because you can't just yell at me! Like wtf mom?! Then she found it funny and because there was no damage to the car and nothing bad had happened we laughed it off.

    But she brought it up again awhile ago and then she scolded me and yelled at me again for it. And I'm still like wtf? You CAN'T yell at me while I'm driving. Every time someone yells at me it has been pulling into the driveway, and both times I've slammed on the gas instead of the break because of it. It's like, "STOP YELLING AT ME! FUCK! WE'VE DONE THIS BEFORE AND EVERY TIME ENDS BADLY!" You would think they'd try to not yell at me but my mother was like, "I can yell at you if it looks like you're about to hit something."

    Yeah? Well you yelled at me and I fucking hit something BECAUSE you scared the shit out of me. I wouldn't have hit it if you hadn't screamed at me for God's sake. Jesus Christ.

    My foot wasn't even on the pedal and she told my dad I was speeding up. Like, no, I was slowing down and being careful and then you yelled at me, scaring me shitless and I crashed into a fucking basketball hoop dammit.

    If you can't tell it pisses me off. We already laughed this off and there was no damage and I'm learning. I haven't even had my permit for a long time! Jeez! Give it time, and don't yell at me. I don't do good with yelling. To make matters worse, my mother told me that it could have been a child or a car. I know that, but if that was in front of me then I would have stopped long before them. If they'd ran in front of me without my knowing then I'd be screwed, but so would everyone else. I know it's no excuse, but I really don't feel like the blame is ALL mine. I know it's maybe stupid to you, but even when people yell at me in real life I can't handle it. Now add the stress of driving and well...we get incidents like these. -.-c
  • Twinkie216

    mumbled "Yay!!!"

    Yay! Today I got my permit! I'm so excited! I get to drive! Woohoo! XD

    So according to my sister I'm so far pretty terrible, but I just started practicing about an hour ago, so...I think I'll get better. ^^
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