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When you try to speak
But you make no sound
And the words you want are out of reach
But they've never been so loud
-Marianas Trench, "Beside You"

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be a voice, not an echo

My name is Tegan.

I like words, I like them a lot. I hope for the best but expect the worse. I'm not good at talking about feelings so I post song lyrics, my favourite ones being the ones above. I think too much. I generally write the worlds I want to live in and the characters I wish were real. I find it impossible to be only a casual fan of things. I have a weird explosion of emotion whenever I get nice comments or any kind of compliment.

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The Rising Author Tag (that I wasn't tagged in)

por , lunes septiembre 24, 2018
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 The Rising Author Tag (that I wasn't tagged in)

The Rising Author Tag

...that I wasn't tagged in

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  • the force of storms

    mumbled "i am angry"

    I don't really look at my YouTube channel much because I haven't uploaded in months, but I checked it today and noticed a comment on a video where I 'review' (more like rant) about a book called 'Show Stopper' that heavily revolves around white people supporting a circus where people of colour are kept as slaved and killed during performances. There are a lot of other issues with the book, but the racism is one of the bigger ones.

    And I checked my comments today and saw this one there (only posted recently) and was filled with so much anger that I have no idea how to react.
    The Intelligence Division
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    Although I haven't read it, I know someone who reviewed it for a publication recently and listening to them talk about it at the time it struck me as a classic case of post hunger-games cash grab.
    That commenter doesn't appear to have understood your observation, let alone your concerns with them; it is a perfectly reasonable stance to be put off a book because of the racism in it, even if that book portrays it as negative or dystopian - it can still be heavy handed, crude, jarring, unfounded, and unnecessary (did I miss any there? I asked my acquaintance about this and she said to mention the completely unrealistic romance, but you already did quite a good job of tearing that one apart).
    1 months ago
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    I'm a female of color and to see that this person was trying to make it seem that even though the book is fiction and is "set in olden times", racism is okay and it's honestly disappointing. And racism is still a huge issue to this day. People are racist towards one another, it's not just black and white, it's with every race.
    The Intelligence Division
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    But see... the book isn't set in 'olden times' - it's supposed to be a near-future dystopia. But, unlike other fictional dystopias that have taken onboard challenging behaviour and represented it such that we may learn something, are challenged, warned, or what have you, from what I understand both this dystopia and the racism it entails are groundless. As Tegan says in her video, it just isn't explained. For sure you can always pull out the old excuse of 'nuclear bombs' (which I'm not sure this book even does) but complex social hierarchies? They don't emerge from just anywhere. They take explanation, and characters that go against them have to be shown to have tangible reasons for doing so beyond simple naivety. And yet the book hammers on about how racist everyone is and goes into great detail about the vile things they do as a result of that - hence the problem I have with the book's racism. It uses the trait as a source of shock value, and emotion without any explanation, and as such may be considered insensitive and, well, racist.

    Unfortunately, I'm talking out my arse here, as the commenter's grammar is so atrocious that I have very little clue as to what they were trying to say, but I get the impression that they heard 'disagree with racism' and immediately decided (not having read the book) to say the first condescending thing that came to mind.

  • the force of storms
    Hi, welcome to Movellas! If you need any recommendations on stories to read or people to follow, or if you have a question, feel free to ask! :)
    2 months ago
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    i'm just now seeing this, but thank you so much for the offer! I will definitely be talking to you lmao

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