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Hi. I'm Taylor Swift, Solo artist. I love all my fans and I hope everyone is having their best. I love my best friend; Selena. Thanks for reading. Listen to my new song 'Everything Has Changed' ft Ed Sheeran.

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    mumbled "O.O 223 NOTIFICATIONS.."

    Wow, I guess I missed alot. I've been busy so things aren't perfect, but now i'll be active DAILY. Yay, awesome. :P So.. what's been going on???
    6 years ago
    You've missed more than alot.
    -Leigh-Anne and Haz are a couple
    -I broke up with Cody
    -I have someone else on my mind ;)
    -Perrie is with Alec
    -Justin is with Normani
    -Shelley is going to break up with Luke
    ✓Taylor Swift
    6 years ago
    Well that's great. Thanks for keeping me updated with the drama. ;)
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