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Hi! I'm a college student who should be doing her homework but is instead changing one word in her story that won't really matter in the long run but that she can't ignore. I should be sleeping, it's probably 3 am right now. I adore writing and I promise I won't bite you unless you're made of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
I like to write a lot of different things, and the characters in my brain seem so have no regard for the fact that as a human being I have a life and needs like food, sleep, and human company.
I'm appreciative of all reviews, including but not limited to compliments, comments, and soul wrenching criticisms that make me cry for three days huddled in a corner. (Please try to limit these though or my friends may become concerned.)
Overall, the goal is to spread my writing for other to enjoy, or at least feel better about their own, so here I am! I look forward to being a part of this community and working alongside you all!
Have a great day/evening/night/whatever time it is in your dimensional space.
Keep writing! :)

  • Storygirl95
    Hi! Are you still doing covers? I would greatly appreciate your help. I've been marveling over your them for a while now, and have finally worked up the courage to ask for one since you're so talented. ^_^
    I couldn't find the fan button so I just followed you and favorited and liked this haha. If I missed it somehow, let me know.

    Name of book: Ascent
    Genre: Romance, but I like to think it's funny too. :D
    Title: Yes for putting Ascent on it. :)
    Author's name: Madison Siegle
    Description: Hmmm, this is sort of up to you. I'm sorry to be unhelpful, but I'm not sure. The two characters meet in a grocery store(The girl main character saves the guy from being hit on by a creepy lady hehe). The title comes from a crossword clue in the newspaper she sees when they go on their first date at a coffee shop. Really, it's just a story about two people coming together and learning to love again after being hurt by the loss of their respective loved ones. With lots of sass along the way. It's set in the Fall in New York if that helps you at all, and it rains a lot? Once again, I'm not helpful at all, I'm sorry. :P
    Effects: Totally up to you.
    Color scheme: Probably something really light and happy. It's a love story after all. But if this crushes your vision, you don't have to go there. Just try to stay away from depressing things haha. :>
    Quotes: Can I give you a maybe? As in, it'd be great if it looked at home there, but if it doesn't fit can I pass? I'm so sorry for being a bother. T_T
    If it would look right, you could put "Who's really saving who?" But again, don't worry should it look weird.
    Cover Shop
    Cover Shop
    CLOSED RIGHT NOW. IM VERY BUSY AT THE MOMENT AND THE COVER SHOP IS BECOMING TOO MUCH STESS TO THINK ABOUT. Sorry for any inconvenience. Custom Free Book Covers Must now become a fan to receive covers,...
    3 years ago
    Just realized I messed up in the beginning haha. I meant to say I've been marveling over your covers. This is what happens when you don't sleep for more than four hours three days in a row. :P
    Sophia Fletcher
    3 years ago
    Yep! I'm still doing covers, although it will be a little difficult for me to do over the holidays. i will try to get this done as soon as i can!!!! And the fan and follow is the same thing so you're good there!!!! Great details btw!! best so far! all your info is super helpful! ;) i hope i can create something you will like!! and thank you for your sweet compliments :)
    3 years ago
    Okay! That's great! Don't worry about the time. You don't have to rush yourself. Holidays are for families and fun. ^_^
    I'm glad you liked the details! I just thought I'd try to make it as easy for you as possible. :)
    I bet you will do something awesome. And of course! All the compliments were well-deserved, I promise. :D
  • Storygirl95

    mumbled "SCHOOL NO. Stop it. SCHOOL."

    Soooo . . . My exams and midterms have been happening so I've had no real time to write. It's genuinely a little depressing. Oh well.

    Pssst, @Victoria Raven I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in forever. I know I message you for covers far too often, but I'm not just using you for your talent. :P
    I think it would be funny to get a pet Wombat just so I could send you pictures of it. Pictures you'll then proceed to destroy out of hatred.
    I'm still alive though! Hopefully you are too! :D

  • Storygirl95

    Questions and some more questions

    Hey, everyone.
    This is kind of a serious, deep question, but I thought I'd ask it anyway. I'm not so sure there's really an actual answer either.
    I was just curious, at what point do you know if you're a "good" writer?
    Obviously it's all very subjective and is a matter of opinion, but there is obviously something to it or authors wouldn't become famous.
    You also become a better writer with time and practice, and I know writer's with natural "talent" that are not as good as others who work harder.
    But, as I'm sure you've all encountered, if you care about writing you have to wonder if you have what it takes.
    This isn't a thread for validation on my part, more of a simple(or not so simple) question.
    Do you think that there's a lot of talent that just goes undiscovered? Or do you think there's some sort of secret to being an author? Is it born talent, hard work, or a mixture of both.
    And if you don't have it, can you gain it?
    Let me know what you guys think!
    This concludes another session of deep thoughts past midnight with the night owl.
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
    When people say: "You've done something which is hard to do, and you've done it justice."

    Or amazing feedback from everyone (almost everyone).

    That's my opinion.
  • Storygirl95

    Anyone bored enough to review?

    I was wondering if anyone was interested in reading my short story. It's a romance that's(at least I think so) also funny.
    Here's a link!
    Photographs Are Worth More Than...Sometimes the representations of our past can remind us why we look forward to the future. A short story on quirky love. Credit to the lovely and talent...

    Have a nice day, everyone!
  • Storygirl95

    Writing Style vs. Grammar

    " Hey everyone!
    I was curious. Does anyone else use sentence fragments? Sparingly, of course. I sometimes like to put in a sentence that goes something like this: "You reach the photos in the memory box. Vacation spots, photo booth strips, all the times your parents just had to take those Halloween photos where you always look like you're 12 no matter the actual age."
    I know that's not technically "correct" in the eyes of the grammar world, but it it acceptable? At what point do you just take it as a writer's style as long as it is not too frequent?
    Hemmingway seems to have a distaste for any sort of punctuation in some sentences in A Farewell To Arms. No offense to him, I truly dream to reach such lofty heights as a writer, but it's an example of writing style.
    Penny for your thoughts?
    (I do not actually have any pennies, but I will give you an imaginary one, if you'd like.)
    Kai Heartnet
    3 years ago
    I think as long as you continue to use them sparingly, there shouldn't be an issue. I mean, William Faulkner used run-on sentences quite frequently and was still considered an important author and a "Voice of the South." Granted, this is coming from someone who purposefully writes with coherent incorrect grammar just to see what I can get away with. Sentence fragments, run-on sentences, Oxford commas (since they've gone out of style), and anything else I was warned against by my teachers, I tend to lean towards now. I more aspire to defeat and replace most of the writers of our past (but not Robert Frost or F. Scott Fitzgerald because my goodness they're amazing and always will be, and I have no shot at that), but I don't think any author now could be considered greater than our predecessors if we don't develop our own styles as we grow. Even if we were told that certain things are incorrect or improper.

    (Sorry for the lengthy response!)
    3 years ago
    No, thank you for the lengthy response. Don't apologize. I like where you're coming from. It's nice to have that insight. I always worry about things that aren't "correct" without thinking much of the authors who got away with it.
    Thank you for answering. :)
    3 years ago
    I think like in the sentence you wrote above you should say "You reach the photos in the memory box, in there are vacation spots, photo booth strips, all the times your parents just had to take those Halloween photos where you always look like you're 12 no matter the actual age, to see all your good memories in the years before." But if you use it sparingly and with developmental purpose it's ok in my opinion. Keep it up, and can you maybe give me some feedback on my new story. Thanks!
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