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Happy World Book Day

por , jueves marzo 7, 2019
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 Happy World Book Day

Celebrate BOOKS 

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  • Shaun JH Nightshade
    A great one shot.Took some reading with the use of courier and one giant paragraph but it worked well and added to the urgency of the story. Good luck in the competition :)
    her (recreated for the toxic love competition)
    her (recreated for...
    a one shot about a boy who lost all that he had especially the only thing he ever wanted. her. (recreated for the toxic love competition)
  • Shaun JH Nightshade

    mumbled "#readamovellaaday"

    Entering EmotionDo I really have the opportunity to begin to feel emotions, other than sad and dismal maybe even on a bad day dull. How I wish Love could become part of...

    Today's read is one I've been meaning to get round to. Check it out :)
    1 days ago
    Yes!!! Ive read it and it cant have been better :)
    Rain Evangeline
    Oh my goodness!!! I was not expecting that. When my laptop decides to be normal again the next chapter will be up! Thanks so much you two lovely people! Xx
  • Shaun JH Nightshade
    What can I say... You've taken some really emotive subjects and expressed your views in such few words that make it real. Simple yet complex, these poems are little treasures in a small space. Amazing poems that deserve a bigger audience than on here :)
    Preparing for Tragedy
    Preparing for Trag...
    A set of eight poems dedicated to the various crises Earth continually goes through and my thoughts around them.
    Katie Pharoah
    3 days ago
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    Oh my god, thank you, that means a lot :)
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