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Some of my values include, but aren't limited too; hard work, patience,(even though I have none) justice, loyalty, intelligence, creativity, leadership, ambition, and resourcefulness.

Is there anything, you as readers of this, should know?
- I've been reading since I was about four; writing since the second grade. My main motivation to write has been my 7th grade English teacher, Leslie Marlar, she's also my future stepmom. (We don't get along but hey; she did help me get into honors classes)
- I'm 16, I live in the United States. My name is Em. I have a lot of hobbies.
- In the Harry Potter universe, I have been sorted into every single house. As of right now, I'm a Ravenpuff.
- Growing up my mom was there in the house but she was mentally absent. I sort of raised myself. Rebecca Mader and Emma Booth are what I consider to be "mother figures" in my life.
Fun fact: I'm bilingual. I speak Spanish and English. By the time I'm done with school, I will have a total of seven years of Spanish.

Most bizarre dream?
- It would have to be when I dreamt I came home from college; my dad had told me he was dating someone; I came home, went to church and saw my English teacher at the church. My dad gave me a hug and proceeded to steer me into the direction of Mrs. Marlar. Later that week, he proposed. I left for college the very next day.

What novels have I done?
- My first titled Illegal Religion; imagine a world in which religion is illegal, an elite group of civilians plan to overthrow the corrupt government and restore "Freedom of Religion" to England.
- My second titled Unwritten; imagine a world in which Katherine of Aragon and Henry the 7th hadn't gotten a divorce. I wonder if America would even still exist?

Best writing advice?
- Just keep writing; you are your own worst critic. The worse the story seems to you; the better it is when people read it.

Views on Religion
For people who don't believe in God, they spend an awful lot of time talking about him. For people who want others not to acknowledge his existence; they acknowledge his existence more than I do myself and I'm a believer.
So my question; If you don't in him why do you care so much about whether or not I do? If you don't believe in him, stop talking about him. I'll stop talking about God when you stop talking about God. Cause, we're just two sides of the same coin.

You’ll get through it. Whatever the heartbreak and the hurt and how ever consuming and painful everything feels, you’ll get through it. You have before, and you will again. You’re so strong- after everything you’ve face in life you’re still fighting and your beautiful soul is conquering every fear and heartbreak you have. You’ve got this, a million percent. You can do this, you can push through. Always keep going babe, even when it hurts and things seem impossible and it would be so much easier to just give up. Always keep going because however dark things may seem, the sun will always rise and there will always be another reason to keep fighting. Believe in yourself beautiful, you’ve overcome so much, you deserve to have some faith in yourself. Give yourself some slack because you’re trying your best and you keep getting up and you keep going and it may not be perfect but it’s enough. You’re always enough there are people, even strangers like me, that care and love you, don’t you ever forget about that.

One Year Later

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One Year Later


When I was 15, I was very close to becoming a teen suicide statistic. Then in a moment, all my loved ones flashed before my eyes and I made a promise that if God brought me through this I would never try to take my own life again. 

"There are far, far better things ahead than what we leave behind." 

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    Interesting. I love it. That's all I can say.
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    A perfect twist on a classic.
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    Are you still going to do the Valentine's post?
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    yep I believe it's already done just needs to be publishes I got to check
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    I completely understand. Don't worry about it.
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    Many of you might be wondering what I'm doing. I'm always on Movellas and yet I don't have any new content.

    No, I'm not editing Unwritten like I said I would; I haven't been in the right mindset to do such activities.(That's a line from Chapter 1)

    Yes, I am working on a project but I don't have enough written to publish it. It's a Doctor Who story that needs some work.

    And the big one.

    Yes, there is an Instagram page (so you don't have to wait till Friday to see the quotes of the week)
    And it's reached 1.9K reads in little over a month!!! YAYA!

    Back to writing; school is a bit "eh" right now. Yes, I know I'm on all the time but that's mainly to answer DMs

    I'm in Archery which is time-consuming.
    My Global Perspectives class involves a lot of time.
    So that's that. I do have time on my hands I'm just 'not in the mood' if you get the gist.

    I love you all!
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