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Hi I'm Shanice and I just wanna try something new? So don't judge me

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    Oh my glob ❤️
    Age Is Just A Number
    Age Is Just A Numb...
    Holly Starr is a 14 year old girl with black hair with red streaks,chocolate brown eyes,and is also emo.She was born with a low self esteem,and also without parents.They gave her up for adoption at the...
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    I love this!!!!!!!
    Stay Forever With Me (Third book of the My Secret Best Friend series)
    Stay Forever With...
    Jacob and Dylan Colley (Formerly Bells) are settled into a nice home in Miami Florida only a few streets away from Jacob's real family. Dylan has changed from when she was seventeen years old. When she...
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    Rip Robin Williams you will be missed and remembered by many people. I will always remember how you always put a smile on my face. I grew up with many of your amazing and hilarious movies ��
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    Some people don't realize how precious life is. Our life is a gift from god and it's wrong to make people feel unwanted and that they're nothing, when actually they are important. Everyone has a meaning and purpose in this world. Some may not find it, but that's ok ��
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