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Catching Fire

por , sábado diciembre 30, 2017
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Catching Fire


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    mumbled "smhhhhhh"

    5 hours agoRespuesta
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    Okay so apparently one direction fan-fics run movellas and overweigh an entire genre now???? :// Bring back the #fantasyworld #disappointed #wth #triggered #annoyed

    mumbled "Busy, bored and buzzing"

    6 hours agoRespuesta
    So as you guys know, a few months ago I was openly asking if anyone wanted to collab with me and it resulted in Me and Brodie together making 'predatory' ( can't thank you guys enough for how well it has hit the audience and the feedback is awesome :) ) but ik i should keep it is a priority but I anticipate it being quite a long novel, and will most likely stretch into next year LMAO Other than 'predatory' I have no projects to work on. Ive made a cover 'Life lessons' for my good friend Rain ( much love for you btw :) ) but I'm mostly focused on being a writer and since I have no projects to be working on, anyone wanna collab? Could start a new book with you or add me in and we could write together. Message me if ur interested xx
    1 days agoRespuesta
    This is a great story to kick up ur writing fan base :) keep it up x
    Set in Stone
    Set in Stone
    Long ago, a great kingdom lost a king. They now are ruled under no one and there is not a single soul that has the right to become the next ruler. As a test, the king's sword was placed into a boulder...

    mumbled "Predatory- New Cover And Chapter"

    3 days agoRespuesta
    Updated Predatory today and gave it a new cover. First cover I made by myself that I actually LOVE. btw anyone got any plot ideas? Im open and happy to add in any ideas to the story that other readers want/anticipate :) thx
    PREDATORYShade, a fifteen year old girl, has been caught up in an awful mess,after causing a student in her school, Peter, major injury. However, she has no memory...
    Rain Evangeline
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    WOW! It looks amazing! x
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