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Hey, I'm Mairead c:

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  • homicide
    Why hello everybody c: Just letting y'all know that I'm most likely going to deactivate my account. I rarely go on Movellas anymore and it's pretty dead tbh. I may or may not activate again one day and surprise y'all with a book but it's not the time. Have a good life. xx
    Beautifully Saiyan Panda
    I'll miss you!!!
    4 years ago
    I'll miss you too c:
  • homicide
    Hi. Don't take this in any offence, but there are like 3 or 4 spelling errors and commas and full stops need to be added.
    Stole my heart
    Stole my heart
    Kayla Morgans loves to party all night long and come home at 9 am and sleep till 6 pm and do it all over again. But then when one direction comes in to her life everything changes
  • homicide
    This is by far my favourite movella! Please, update whenever you can! This story is fantastic!
    Two people with slightly the same problem fall in love through letters. Thank you Therapy. Credit goes to Meagan for the idea.
    Lexi Wordsmith
    4 years ago
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    Thank you! Jack and I both appreciate it. :)
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