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Funny , loud , crazy , fun, loving ,loves eating and that's me.

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    mumbled "I'm Babes"

    Yeah so I return and posted a chappie to New Life . Proud of me? I am haha so I am supper sorry. I will try to post at least twice a week. Possible 3 times. For which stories I don't know but um yeah. So how have you guys been?
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    mumbled "Improve updating schedule "

    Okay so I am really sorry about my little hiatus. So I thought maybe you guys could help me get organized. Between wattpad and Movellas I am stretched. So I was wondering if you guys had a preferred day of the week that I updated , the Styles Brothers and New life. If you do put it in the comments.
    6 years ago
    how bout Thursdays are New Life and Tuesdays The Styles Brothers
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    Omg Rose, noooooooo . You shall be forever named 'bro-banger' if you do this to Harry.
    Double trouble
    Double trouble
    The Styles twins are trouble and have been well known for it for a long time. One day Harry met a girl named Rosie and she changed his life, and himself forever. But tragedy strikes when Rosie's Dad takes...
  • Secretly_Me
    Personally I like your story :D. Oh and thanks for all the support on my story.
    Will This All End By Heartbreak?
    Will This All End...
    Daniela has loved Harry Styles for practically all her life. But one day lots of rumors came out that Harry Breaks up will all of his previous girlfriends. So Daniela decides to get over him to prevent...
    6 years ago
    Thanks and no problem I did really like your story :)
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    Hello , My name is Triniti and I love Niall he is PhenomiNiall. I am really sort like 5'3'' haha funny right, yeah I know. I am mixed for I have longish black hair with some highlights. I am just all around cray as some people say . I love to sing and dance because it is fun. But I can be pretty badass though I always eat candy before I eat my dinner and sometimes when people sneeze I don't even say please you. Soo badass right haha. I have brow eyes ,lame I know. Now to the good stuff. I like your Movella because it reminds me of this couple I put together. Everyone has their own love story some just not as great as this one. I literally am obsessed with this as of now. I think your two characters are meant to be , they are so alike it's cray. I simply love this!!
    "I miss those days!" Louis looked at me, then fell into his old self again. His mad face came back, his angry clenched fist were there again. I don't know what this boys deal is, or how we ended up not...
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