• sararae4679
    Oh no! This was one font favourite story's. I respect your decision but I want you to know that I really liked your book.
    No Strings Attached [ON HOLD]
    No Strings Attache...
    [THIS STORY IS BEING EDITED] My name is Juliett Hunter. I'm an A+ student and I am in love with my best friend Daniel Langton. The problem is that he has a girlfriend and I would try to move on if I...
  • sararae4679
    No! Don't delete it! It's one of my favourite stories
    Good Girls Love Bad Boys
    Good Girls Love...
    [THIS STORY IS BEING EDITED] Savannah Harrison is a junior at Peyton Dale High. She loves her life with her boyfriend,Jacob. Her friend's cousin, Richard Lanson, is the most feared person in school....
  • sararae4679
    No offender but that was the shortest book ever
    Crazy In Love
    Crazy In Love
    We don't live forever. At least I don't. My name is Adam, and I have just about 14 months left to live. But what do you do when you know you won't live for much longer, and how do you deal with the first...
    Miss Dreamy
    6 years ago
    It wasn't meant to be a book at all. It was just a short story
  • sararae4679
    Don't delete the book! It's one of my favourites!!
    My hero
    My hero
    I used to be courage's, brave, Happy,and strong but he took it all away from me.HE treated me like dirt. He never really loved me , but I chosen to stay. I get saved from the terrible life I had with him. ...
  • sararae4679
    The Road Trip
    The Road Trip
    It didn't take much for Isabella to realize how much a dick Mr. Franco is. But despite the unholy attractive moves he has when he walks, and even by breathing, Isabella is not interested in most of what...
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