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    mumbled "Change of name!"

    I used to be Ravenclawwholikescookies! An update for 'Reading the Books' might be on the way... ;) It's only been about a year since I last updated!
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    mumbled "Help!"

    I know other people have had this problem, I'm trying to upload a new chapter but it isn't letting me type or paste. Does anyone have a solution for this?? x
  • Lupinsnymph
    This is as amazing as usual! I love reading this, especially as loads of other 'reading the books' have been deleted. You really are amazing at writing :)
    Hoping For a Better Future: BOOK ONE
    Hoping For a Bette...
    One day after the end of Harry's third year, he wanders the castle when suddenly a whole package of books falls on his head. Read my version of Reading the Harry Potter Books! =D
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    well, iv'e never read a hermione/pebble slash before, should be interesting
    Tree hugger
    Tree hugger
    Ron is alone. Hermione has fallen in love with a pebble and Ron ventures the forbidden forest aimlessly. He knows he would be in big trouble if he was to be caught but he doesn't care, he lost all feeling...
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