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✨Happiness can be found even at the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light✨-Albus Dumbledore

Hello, I have no idea why you're visiting my profile.
I'm a big reader and thought I'd try my hand at writing... It's all pretty bad, I don't know what I'm doing

�� Part of the Clearwater family! �� My name used to be Potter_at_Heart in case you're confused! My new name represents three major parts of my movellas life!
Beatrice - as in Tris prior for divergent!
Grace - as in Hazel Grace (and Grace is also my middle name)
Clearwater - my new family (I'm not an orphan anymore!)
I tried to get a Harry Potter reference in there but it just wouldn't work!

  • Beatrice_Grace_Clearwater
    Hey, Remember me??? I got my NAPLAN results back and did pretty well besides spelling because I suck at it. How did you go if you've got it???
    5 years ago
    Yep, of course I remember you and hi! I got my results too, and I'm pleased with mine as well - and just like you, my worst was spelling. Well, at least it's the last time we'll ever do it :P
  • Beatrice_Grace_Clearwater

    mumbled "Anyone read the first tomorrow, when the war began book?"

    I needed a bit of help on my English novel studies assignment and thought- why not ask the people who know the most about books! All I ask of you is to tell me an occasion when one of the friends saves another or does something extraordinary for them and roughly when that happens. I'm trying to show how we can't survive without friends and we do extraordinary things for them
    Annabeth Fett
    5 years ago
    I have and I own it.
  • Beatrice_Grace_Clearwater
    Looks amazing!
    The Fault In Our Stars Alternative Movie Poster Competition
    The Fault In Our...
    Words cannot fathom just how excited I am for the Fan Screening on thursday. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and manage to just about finish reading it through tear stained eyes. A massive well done and...

  • Beatrice_Grace_Clearwater
    Just thought I'd let you know that I get my NAPLAN results next friday. When do you get yours???
    Haven't spoken to you for a while... How are you??? :)
    5 years ago
    I'm actually not sure. I'm on a two week holiday atm, so I probably won't get my results until the start of next term. Do tell me though.
    And I'm quite well thanks, and you? Period.
    Yeah I'm good. It is the last day of term next Friday when I get my results. Then I get to go on my two week holiday. Have you doe anything fun or are you planning to? I'm going down to Margaret river for three nights with my family. It is a place about three and a bit hours south of perth if you didn't know. I will have no internet for that time which is sad but the chocolate factory there is amazing so I'm ok with it
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