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•~ My one true pairing is the most beautiful girl in the world, and I get to call her mine. ❤️ ~•

-• @[Shiny Horan.] is my princess. •-

•scocial shit•

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Twitter: Pastel_Loves
Instagram: njhlove_

I love you, baby doll. @[ShinyHoran.]

  • Black_Magic

    mumbled "I got nominated."

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    About You.
    ─ Eye Color: Blue.
    ─ Hair Color: Brown/blonde
    ─ Height: 5,9 and growning.
    ─ Favorite Color: Blue.
    ─ Screen Name: Black_Magic.
    ─ Favorite Band: One Direction, Cimorelli, Demi Lovato, Selena and more.
    ─ Favorite Movie: Nightmare On Elm Street collection.
    ─ Favorite Show: AHS, Teen Wolf, Scream.
    ─ Your Hometown: F U, perv.
    ─ Your Crushes First Name: My first and last one is @[Shiny Horan.]
    ─ Your Style: Naked.

    Have you ever...
    ─ Kissed someone in the rain? I shall do that with @[Shiny Horan.]
    ─ Danced in a public place? I once danced with my mom..
    ─ Smiled for no reason? Seeing Cimorelli.
    ─ Laughed so hard you cried? Too many times.
    ─ Sang to someone for no reason? Always singing to my ma'.
    ─ Performed on a stage? Does a Christmas play count?
    ─ Talked to someone you don't know? I talk to mice.
    ─ Gone out of your way to befriend someone? What does that even mean?
    ─ Been in love? Three times a day. One one has my heart, though.

    Who was the last person to...
    ─ Tell you, I love you? My baby doll.
    ─ Kiss you? Baby doll, aha.
    ─ Call your cell phone? My brother.
    ─ Text message you? Once again, baby doll.
    ─ Make you laugh? My best friend.

    What/when was...
    ─ Last time you cried? Uhm. Today, actually.
    ─ Movie you last watched? The Duff.
    ─ Song you sang recently? Drag Me Down - 1D
    ─ Shoes you've worn? Skate shoes.

    Can you...
    ─ Write with both hands? A bit.
    ─ Whistle? Even with my fingers.
    ─ Roll your tongue in a circle? Yup. @[Shiny Horan.] c;
    ─ Dance? PFFFT!
    ─ Stay up a whole night without sleep? Almost every night.
    ─ Cook anything? Depends on what.

    I nominate no one.
    4 years ago
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    Only one owns my heart*******************
  • Black_Magic
    Since I got nominated. Ahem. HAVE I EVER:
    ➖Snuck out: Six times.
    ➖Broken a bone: Once. My hand.
    ➖Cried myself to sleep: Couple times.
    ➖Been arrested: Never.
    ➖Felt lonely: Sometimes.
    ➖Been depressed: Yes.

    ➖Birthday: April 15th.
    ➖Biggest fear: Bugs and losing my baby girl.
    ➖Relationship: Taken by @[ShinyHoran.]
    ➖Dream job: Own a pet store.
    ➖Dream car: Mustang or Camaro.
    ➖Dream house: Penthouse.

    DO YOU:
    ➖Like someone: Of course.
    ➖Love someone: Yes.
    ➖Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Possibly.
    ➖Want a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope.
    ➖Have tattoos: I have three.
    ➖Have piercings: Tongue piercing.
    ➖Party: Does a birthday party count?

    ➖Artist: Cimorelli, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Stereo Kicks, Nickelbak, ect..
    ➖Movie: Every horror movie.
    ➖Song: What Are You Waiting For by Nickelback.
    ➖TV series: AHS, Teen Wolf.
    ➖Book: Garfield.
    ➖Colour: Blue.
    ➖Animal: Puppies, dogs, snakes.

    ➖Twitter or Facebook: Twitter.
    ➖Twitter or Instagram: Instagram.
    ➖Facebook or Instagram: Facebook.
    ➖Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi.
    ➖Tea or coffee: Coffee.
    ➖Tacos or pizza: Pizza.
    ➖Winter or summer: Winter.

    ➖Get married: Only to my doll.
    ➖Have kids: Maybe three or four.
    ➖Swim with sharks: Maybe.
    ➖Share a banana: Ew.
    ➖Eat rotten food: Once.
    ➖Marry someone from a different country: Only if that person is from Ireland.

    I nominate: No one because I know no one.
    shiny horan.
    4 years ago
    I think it's because I have a period at the end of my name, babes.
    4 years ago
    I DID IT
    shiny horan.
    4 years ago
  • Black_Magic
    Here we go?

    Full name: James Vinx

    Nickname: Jay, Jamers?

    Battery percentage: Charging up

    iPhone or Android: iPod, actually.

    Last person I texted: @ShinyHoran , Baby Girl.

    Birthday: April 15th.

    Last song I listened to: Bloom by The Paper Kites.

    Favourite colours: Blue or pastel green.

    Favourite movies: All movies of Nightmare On Elm Street. ( Freddy Krueger.)

    Height: 5'9.

    Current mood: Bored as hell.
    4 years ago
    I can never get that damn thing! With the @ thing.
    shiny horan.
    4 years ago
    Aw, my baby. You're so fucking cute!!
    shiny horan.
    4 years ago
    Update your rant book!
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