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Hi, thanks for visiting my Movellas page!

I'm hoping to become an artist/author when I'm older, so most of the things I post on here will either be fantasy, fanfiction or random drawings. I also enjoy anime and the Sims.

I hope you enjoy!

- Olivia

Art Requests - Maybe (Depends on how complicated it is)

  • Olivia Mcbear

    mumbled "New Story!! :)"

    Hi! I finally finished my story after what feels like forever. XD

    The title is 'Half A Twin' and it's a fantasy book. I'm not sure how often I'll update but I'll try my best! :D
  • Olivia Mcbear
    Hi! Could I have a cover please? The title is Half A Twin and my pen name is Olivia Mcbear. For ideas, I was thinking about a castle or just something of the fantasy genre. Could you also make a version without the title or pen name please? Thanks! :)
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    You want a cover for your story? You've come to the right place! Hit me up!
    3 months ago
    your cover is done. do you have an email i can send them to?
  • Olivia Mcbear

    mumbled "Sketchbook"

    So.... I tried to update my sketchbook but movellas won't let me. (It's either that or I just completely ignored the button XD) So I won't be able to add anything else until it's fixed.
  • Olivia Mcbear

    mumbled "New Story"

    Hey guys, sorry for not posting anything, I'm in the middle of a fantasy story at the moment and am trying to get myself to write more. Once I've finished my current chapter (chapter 2) I will try to edit it and post it! :D

  • Olivia Mcbear

    mumbled "NaNoWriMo"

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    I'm hoping to complete NaNoWriMo this year. If I'm happy with what I've written at the end of the month, I'll publish it on here. :)
    5 months ago
    YAY!! :D Good luck! <3 What's your nanowrimo username, if you wouldn't mind me adding you as a buddy? :D
    Olivia Mcbear
    5 months ago
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    Cool! My username is Olivia_Mcbear. I haven't added my word count yet as I need to count them, but I will soon. :D
    5 months ago
    Yay!! I've added you as a buddy (I'm stormjays on there :D) And wooo yay, good luck!! :D <3
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