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Hi, everyone. I haven't written on here since early 2015 and I think it's time to change that. I am on here to rewrite the stories I wrote when I was 13 and really show how much I've grown in the past few years starting with my first successful story. Fire. I'll be rewriting every chapter and editing every typo and making everything over all just better. I'm almost 16 now, and I do no have any interest in the music that I listened to as a 13-year-old. No not even One Direction. Let me show you what I do like.
The 1975
Lana Del Ray
Pink Floyd
The Weeknd
Arctic Monkeys
Some shows I love
Attack on Titan
Some people I love
Game Grumps
Jeffree Star
my amazing friends and my complicated ex-boyfriend
My views
I'm a bisexual Feminist
I am pro-choice
I am pro-gay
I am pro-trans
I am pro-human rights basically
I am a democrat
I am pro-weed
I am a gross bean
I am black
I have anxiety depression and ADD
I am anorexic 2 years recovered and bulimic 3 years recovered. I still have a binge eating disorder.
I try to love everyone but that's super hard so right now I'll love myself <3
If you ever need anything talk to me. Need me to drive you to the abortion clinic and you live in Sparks Nevada? Hmu I'll be on my way.
Okay that's enough bye.

  • sophie troy
    Do you want me to make you a cover
    An Anonymous Directioner
    Yass! I'm planning on writing a new story! One about Niall Horan and Skye (played by Dianna Argon) I plan on naming it "Lord, send me amnesia". You can go full on creative! I don't mind it.
    Claudia Forrest
    2 weeks ago
    If you have done your confessions then all the terms about the different and new back side wall faces are true and getting more easily. From the blogging pages like this one about the website may also visit this and can be make you and your wall faces be more moveable.
  • sophie troy
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    The End
    The End
    The Phalanxifor has stopped working, and there's nothing they can do. For Hazel Grace, perhaps death is just the next great adventure.
    Alys Jones
    5 years ago
    Just keep blinking them back it's fine you'll be okay <3
  • sophie troy
    I think you mean fence???
    Behind The Fance
    Behind The Fance
    Emily haves family problems she always been abused by her step dad and Katy her mother won't stand up to him . Katy runs off outside to the over side of the Fance and she knocks on the house that she fell...
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