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    Rosalie holds off on telling Edward that Bella jumped off the cliff. Bella and Jacob are able to kiss with no interruptions, and Bella realizes that she's in love with Jacob (basically an early Eclipse kiss). Alice then comes in and tells Bella that she'll leave tomorrow and she'll tell everyone that she's alright. Bella wants to spend the rest of her time left with Alice and wants Jacob to be with her. Jacob reluctantly agrees and ends up hating Alice just a little bit less. 3 months pass and Bella and Jacob's love for each other grows. But one night, Edward appears in Bella's bedroom. He begs Bella for forgiveness and to take him back. Bella is happy that Edward had always loved her, but tells him that she already has Jacob. Edward then asks to see Jacob. They meet and Edward tells Jacob that he wishes them both the best. Knowing that it'd be best to stay away from Bella, he promises to leave Bella alone. Jacob is happy, but Bella tells him no. Even though Bella loves Jacob now, she still wants Edward in her life. Edward however ignores Bella and stays away, but the Cullens move back to Forks and Edward finds it very difficult to stay away, as she's all he ever thinks about. Thus, the roles of Edward and Jacob are switched for the most part in Eclipse. Even though he knows it's better for Bella to be with Jacob, he decides to fight for her as he can't stand being away. Although Bella is happy that Edward wants to spend time with her, she finds it difficult when he starts acting romantic towards her. Jacob jokingly suggest marriage so Edward will have to stay away, which Bella laughs about. Edward forces a kiss on Bella and she punches him, breaking her hand. She's outraged and lets out all her anger she had bottled up about Edward leaving her in New Moon. This hits Edward HARD. Jacob finds out and is ready to kill Edward, which Edward is willing to let happen. Even though Bella's still mad at Edward, she doesn't want him to die. So Jacob simply punches him instead. At the graduation party, Edward apologizes and gives Bella his mother's bracelet. Edward continues to fight for her though. When Bella and Jacob spend the night together, he gives Bella his wolf bracelet and suggests the marriage again, this time in a less joking manner. Bella immediately says no, but Jacob says he'll try anything to make Edward go away. After mentioning Edwards name, Bella agrees to marry Jacob, much to his shock. They agree it'll be a long engagement since Jacob's still in high school. On the morning of the Newborn Battle, Edward over hears Bella and Jacob's marriage plans and runs away. Jacob brings him back and leaves them to talk. Edward says that he plans on getting himself killed. Bella begs for him to stay and says that she'll kiss him if he does. They kiss and Bella remembers just how much she's in love with Edward. She remembers their time together in Twilight and misses it. She also realizes that she's been pushing Edward away because she was afraid that she'd love him more and hurt Jacob. Jacob finds out and is angry of course, but not at Bella. He decides to take his anger out on the newborns instead of Edward. Edward/Seth still fight Victoria/Riley and Jacob still gets injured in battle. Bella meets the Volturi for the first time, but since they are told that she and Edward aren't together often enough, they don't consider her enough of a threat. Bella rushes to Jacob right away and spends all her time with him while he heals. During this time, Bella realizes exactly how strong her love for Jacob is, stronger than her love for Edward. She's relieved but also saddened at what she has to do now. Edward visits them, and Bella talks to him alone. She tells him that although she loves him deeply and cherishes their time together, she's chosen Jacob. Edward is heartbroken, but officially decides to stop coming between them, and promises to be there when she needs him. They kiss one last time. Edward leaves and Bella starts to cry over reje
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    mumbled "dark moon"
    you should read the new Twilight fan fiction that i just finished
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    mumbled "the hollywood scandel"

    i just got done with 2 chapters of my new story the Hollywood scandal I'm going onto my 3rd chapter. its about all the be hind the seen stuff u that u don't know about way after all the paparazzi publicity and the stuff they wont let u know behind the close doors. plus in chapter music videos.