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I love to read, i also am athletic and fun to hang out with and is madly in love with Tyler posey ���� if you don't know who he is, he is from teen wolf played as Scott mcall i have been watching that show for 4 years now and i really loved tyler posey, and then when 2014 came aroundy bff found him on kik and i didn't know if i was real or not then i found out on my birthday that the tyler posey kik thing was all a fake and it was my bff 's other friend that we both hate now. My stupid self actually thought it was real because everybody was talking about how he did have a kik acount so i fell for it, he really does have one but thebither was fake, so i started to cut mgself for a little while because felt that i would'nt see tyler posey ever in my life but i just pray to god and go through my life and just continue to watch teen wolf and love tyler posey all day everyday, and then maybe one day i'll see him��������

  • miyah_7g
    I read your description and i can't believe that happened to you i feel sorry and i also watch teen wolf on mtv my favorite is tyler posey aka scott mcall, i just wanted to say how i feel sorry about what happened to you in your life
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