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My name is Makenzie and I like to write books.
I started with fairytales at age six
Then Harry Potter fanfiction at age 11 (because why not)
And here I am now, exploring the diversity of writing every day with the help of my 100+ fans giving me feedback on my movellas.
I am currently working on-

The Secret of the Founders: The only HP fanfiction so far that I originally began writing and am continuing to write now.

Book Reviews: A new movella where I review other people's works and give feedback. My favorite movella each month gets mentioned here in my bio!

Harry Potter Headcanons: Nothing more than a bunch of Harry Potter headcanons (mini one-two paragraph fanfictions) I make and find!

Plus many more originals I'm writing on Microsoft Word now!

"She built herself a world of fantasy and magic
ignoring the life in which she thought was tragic
that real life eventually withered away
but the fangirl part inside of her forever was to stay"

  • MissKenzie

    mumbled "New Movella: The Taken"

    Just created a new movella called The Taken! Tell me what you guys think in the comments below...
    TakenThe year is 2136 and the once glorious America is at in the middle of a war inside of itself. Whenever Red wakes up in the East Facility, not knowing anyth...
    Love it! Have given it a review, and definitely recommend it!! xx
  • MissKenzie

    mumbled "Get ready..."

    New movella coming out tomorrow. All I will say is it's my first original science-fiction story and I can't wait to see what you guys think.
  • MissKenzie

    mumbled "New Personality Quiz!"

    So I updated my Personality Quiz story with a new quiz about disney villains ;). Go check it out and tell me which villain you get in the comments below!
  • MissKenzie

    mumbled "why is peter pan always flying? cause he neverlands. i like that joke because it has a nice hook. it never grows old. guys help. i cant stop."

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    lol so if anybody doesn't know, I LOVE musicals and theatre in general. Right now I'm playing the best role ever aka smee XD in Peter Pan and so I decided to decorate my profile page as so. Just an fyi if anybody was wondering why i had a random love of peter pan appear
  • MissKenzie

    mumbled "So I Might Be Back?"

    It's summer once again and I have begun to continue old stories I haven't written for a while. I just added a new chapter to The Secret of the Founders if anybody enjoyed reading that and plan to make more in the coming weeks. But knowing me I'll procrastinate and do nothing. whoops
    Le Fox
    3 years ago
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    Yes, and it is CLASS omg I haven't read fanfic in ages but I'm glad you updated because I started reading and omg it has made me very excited. XD (sorry if I'm being weird XD )
    3 years ago
    haha no it's not weird at all. it makes me happy to know that somebody's reading my stuff XD