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  • miss mari

    mumbled "Back in Black"

    Not really but... I'm still back!! :'D I've been writing a new Harry Potter fanfiction--From Eden--that all of you should totally read because I'm five chapters into writing it and I love it. The first one is uploaded, and I think I'll upload the next one within the next couple of days. I'm just really ahead of the game at the moment, ha, but that's good because that means regular updates!!

    So basically go read From Eden. It's gonna be excellent and very intense.

  • miss mari
    You updated, hooray! Another cliffie! Cant wait for the next chapter! This is fantastic and definitely interesting, so keep writing!
    Lamb No More
    Lamb No More
    Six months after Edward's abrupt departure from Forks, Bella has started picking up the pieces of her shattered life. But within her lies a secret no one suspected — that she's a monster, too. Her transformation...
  • miss mari

    mumbled "New laptop!"

    I have finally been granted a brand new, glorious HP laptop blessed with Windows 8 and the ability to FINALLY EDIT CHAPTERS ON MOVELLAS! *throws confetti* So I'm back in business, folks! Expect a few new Movellas I've been working on to be submitted within the next month or so.

    For fans of 'the girl out of time': the sequel 'world changer' will have its first chapter by the end of the month, hopefully. This all depends on how quickly I get settled in at college. :]

    I'm so excited to start being active on Movellas again!!
  • miss mari

    mumbled "HP competition?"

    I love Movellas but it really dotes on the One Direction fandom more than any other fandom. Besides 1D, I think the Harry Potter fandom has to be up there in the most popular on this site. I'd really love to see a cool Harry Potter competition one of these days, especially with all the new material that will be coming in the next couple years!

    ...I just need a great excuse to start submitting my new, really awesome HP fic, to be honest. xD
  • miss mari
    You're a really excellent writer. This is very well-written! I'll be reading your sequels too, and I hope you will publish other Movellas in the future. :)
    Sofia's Story- Goblet of Fire
    Sofia's Story- Gob...
    Sofia enters Hogwarts in Harry Potter's fourth year, the year of the Triwizard Tournament and the return of Voldemort. She is a member of the Adema line, the oldest and most powerful pure blood family...
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